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Book review | Bittersweet by Anushka J

Author: Anushka J
Genre: Romance
No. of pages: 166
Published by: Krimiga Books
Published on: 1st January 2018
Format: Paperback
My rating: ★★☆☆☆
Archer Davis's life couldn't have been more perfect. That was until he ran his car into a girl. And since then, trouble has followed him like a shadow. He got strangely fascinated by her, trying to figure out the 'maze' she used to talk about. But when she disappeared, he finally decided to find the reality behind her delicate face. When the mystery unravels and the traumas unleash in front of him, will he still remain the same? Meet the girl who is after all not one. Meet the guy who falls for one of them.
This book is a romance drama with a tinge of mystery and psychological thriller. Archer Davis meets Snow when his car hits her. Archer goes on to take her to the hospital and treat her by keeping her at his home. But there is this mystery surrounding the identity of Snow. Who is she actually? Where is her home? Why is she relucta…

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