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Book review | Batashe Baruder Gondho//There's Gunpowder in the Air by Manoranjan Byapari

Every time I finish a book based on the Naxalbari andolon I'm left breathless. Manoranjan Byapari's There's Gunpowder in the Air/Batashe Baruder Gondho was no less. Byapari weaves a tale that WILL leave you breathless.
This fictional story revolves around five Naxalites planning a jailbreak. The story starts off with the jailor Bireshwar Mukherjee going on a round in the jail premises. As he goes around, the author, very artfully, describes the jailhouse and the different wards, the prisoners they hold and their story. Soon we are introduced to the five Naxalites, who are imprisoned in a cell (a special part of the jail - a dark room where they are kept for months) - Parimal, Gautam, Bijoy, Nimai and Bablu. When the jailor doubts that these young Naxalites are upto no good, he plants a snitch amongst them. 
The author adds new characters and their backstories, as the story progresses, to create a beautiful premise that adds such heavy meaning to the book that you will def…

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