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Book review | An Ode I Owed by Jishnu Venugopal

  Author: Jishnu Venugopal Genre: Poetry No. of pages: 95 Published by: StoryMirror  Published on: 14th July 2021 Format: Paperback My rating: ★★★★☆ "An Ode, I Owed" is a collection of poems that revolves around society, trauma, people, mental health, home, hope, strength, romance, courage, gratitude, you and me, all told with a tincture of crude satire. some stories, some outcries, some melodies and some dramas purposefully textured with some obscurity blended with oxymorons and tautologies we are so many, yet at times we're so lonely we're all the same, yet we're all so different our thoughts are not confined our dreams are ours to define some things said, leaving the rest for you to comment i welcome you to a series of experiences the lines, the rhymes a mixture, I would love for you to give a try With an amalgamation of various topics and concepts, Jishnu Venugopal's brings a feel-good and bittersweet poetry book. He explores love, nature, relationships, m

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