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Guest blog post | Getting Over Writer's Block, Some Tips to Keep Motivated by Rebecca Sullivan

Getting Over Writer’s Block, Some Tips to Keep Motivated
By Rebecca Sullivan

I get asked all the time, how do I get motivation to write? Here’s what works for me and what may work for you.

1. Write Every Day or Create a Steady Routine That Works for You

The hardest part of writing is sitting down and starting. One trick that has worked for me is making writing a part of my routine. The more you use that writing muscle, the easier it will be to find that creative space inside your head. The biggest challenge is that sudden surge of inspiration to write an entire novel one day and the next being disappointed that you’re not writing as quickly as you would like. Any progress is progress. Once you’ve set aside time for yourself, make a realistic goal. Maybe one day you can spend one-hour writing, so aim accordingly. Another day you might have fifteen minutes. It’s important to not compare your progress one day to the next.

2. Write First. Edit later.
This is a mistake I’ve made a few times but…

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