KERALA through a book's eyes!

I love reading. And travelling. So naturally when my father planned about our vacation to Kerala, the first thing that came to my mind was what book should I be taking with me. I picked up Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years Of Solitude and got my backpack and off we went to God's own country! Here's how Kerala looked from my book's perspective.
1st stop: Alleppey I went to see the Alleppey light house and the Alleppey beach. I was the only book who was atop the lighthouse.

Next morning I went for a backwater boat ride. It was overwhelming!

2nd stop: Thiruvananthapuram I was awed by the number of coconut trees in Kerala.

Kovalam beach, located a few kilometers away from Thirivananthapurum was a serene beach. The sea was a shade lighter than my cover!

3rd and 4th stop: Kumily and Munnar I went to Kumily first and went on a mountain safari. On the way I saw a little stream coursing its way through the mountains adding a beautiful sight. Reminded me of the river mentioned in me.

And the green Western Ghats were a bliss!

Next was Munnar, only 400 meters higher than Kumily, its lush green tea estates a blessing to my eyes. Just like the green forests surrounding Macondo!

These are the hills surrounding the Mattupetty dam.

5th stop: Kochi: My journey came to an end with Kochi. Kochi showed me a beautiful street called Jew Town filled with eager tourists and shoppers haggling for souvenirs reminding me of the villagers inside me haggling with the gypsies who visited Macondo!

And finally, the Chinese Fishing Net used for fishing along the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.

If you are an Indian, Kerala should be on you wish list and if you are not, give God's own country a try. P.S: Do not forget to carry a book with you. I repeat, do not.


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