What happens when you read too many books

Here are 7 things that happen when you read too much

1. Wasting a lot of time admiring your bookshelves

Okay, so there are many books in your bookshelf and whenever you enter the room you spend endless hours admiring your coveted possessions, caressing the beautiful covers and rereading your favourite parts from your favourite books and you just CAN'T STOP IT!

2. Craving for more books

This is a serious issue. Just like people crave for chocolates and cakes, bibliophiles crave books. You check new books online on a regular basis and whenever you walk past a bookstore you are lured and you just CAN'T STOP BUYING BOOKS! 

3. Unrealistic romantic expectations

Nope, there's no Augustus Waters or Mr. Darcy or Mr. Grey out there waiting for you. A boy like Augustus Waters is just too perfect to exist, a gentleman like Mr. Darcy is too chivalrous to exist and there is no super duper rich and handsome men like Mr. Grey who would love you despite the demons in his past(I am not a big fan of Mr. Grey though). THEY DON'T EXIST!

4. Written communication is preferred over verbal communications

Though this does not happen for everyone but definitely happens for an introvert like me.
Words flow through your pen easily when you write(also the commas, semicolons and full stops are placed perfectly) but when it comes to face to face interaction, you fumble and stammer and what not. If I'm ever asked out for a date, no thanks, I'll prefer writing him an e-mail. PLEASE WRITE TO ME! 

5. Cringing at people's grammatical mistakes

People like me would see a mistake and just do 'tsk tsk' inside there heads, but grammar nazis HAVE TO point out the mistake and they just CAN'T IGNORE IT! 

6. Books make you happy

Having a bad day? You read a book.
Want to spend a good day? You read a book.
Social functions? You are calling in sick just to read a book.
Basically every good thing in your life is associated with a book.
Feeling happy after reading this? GO GRAB YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK!

7. You day dream

You suddenly realize while doing something that you are playing those scenes from the book inside your head. And oh! You even start dreaming. I remember dreaming that I was Katniss,  trying out my survival skills when I was reading the Hunger Games trilogy. OH WHAT A WONDERFUL DREAM!

So, yeah, this is pretty much what happens when you become an obsessive reader. 
Note to people: Gift them a book, and they will be the happiest people on earth!

P.S. Pictures have been taken from Pinterest and Google images


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