Letters to the men I have loved

There's nothing more beautiful and purer than unrequited love. Well, same goes for fictional characters. Love for them is pure, since, first they don't know we love them and second, they don't exist. So here are 3 letters I would like to send to my 3 most loved (literally) male characters who took my sleep (again, literally) away. 


Dear Supratik, 

Not many people know you since many have not read about you. But I know you, I know what you think and what you wanted to give to this world. You are perfect. You belong to the Ghosh family, an intelligentsia class of Bengali joint family, you studied Economics from the esteemed Presidency College, you devoted yourself to the cause of the Naxalite movement, you cared for your family even when they had their crooked ways and you had an unusual yet beautiful love for someone that the society could never approve of. Yet, you loved. You dared to love and you dared to fight. I don't know whether I am sapiosexual but yes, I fell for you. I yearned you so much that I even went to Kolkata's famous Coffee House to lookout for anyone even remotely sharing any characteristics that you have. I don't know if anyone out there exists who is like you, but if anyone did, then you are the one I'm looking for.  



Dear Mr. Darcy, 

You had me when you said, "In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you" to your beloved Elizabeth Bennet. I mean, which man in this whole wide world is as chivalrous as you? You are a classy young man, a dignified person, but a little arrogant, not that I mind about it. The way you wooed Elizabeth, I wish someone did the same for me. I do not know whether I deserve it or not, but yes, I do want a gentleman who takes care of his family and friends and his love's family. Yes, Fitzwilliam, you are one in a million, a gem, and still I don't know how you tolerated a naive Elizabeth. If I ever find someone like you, I'm never letting him go. 



Dear Mr. Grey, 

What the hell was I even thinking when I fell for you? I guess it was the wild teenage fantasy that made me want someone like you. Yes, a sixteen years old yearning a sadist is just unacceptable. You may be filthy rich and handsome, with skills like flying a helicopter or maneuvering a jet ski, but no, I don't want a wild animal as my life partner. What was even Anna thinking? Is getting spanked fun? Is getting tied up fun? Is getting bite marks fun? Heck NO! Yes, I know many girls defend your case saying that you were abused when you were a kid and even with your dark past you overcame your fears and loved Anna, but my question is, why this path? What about those 15 or 16 girls before Anna? You know what you need? A psychiatrist or a counselor, and that's why I'm training myself to become one, to cure madmen like you. 

Not even yours, 

Thank you for going through my rantings 😊


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