Author feature: Shilpa Anthony Raj

How many of us have read a book written by someone who is of a patriarchal “low-caste” community facing poverty and social discrimination? I would imagine many of us have not; and even when we get an option between a book involving real-life social issues and fiction, we prefer the latter. Regardless of the preference, I have an update. A young author born into an “untouchable” family has beautifully narrated her memoir in a sensitive way without finger-pointing anyone, and it is sure to penetrate anyone’s consciousness. Let’s meet Shilpa Raj now! 

Shilpa brings out her life-story through her book 'The Elephant Chaser's Daughter' which tells us how she overcame the constraints and demands placed by her family, the social norms of her community, and the tragedies that occurred in her life, to embrace the opportunities offered by a good education in a school started by a philanthropist. She balanced herself between her two different worlds -- the one she belongs to with age-old traditions, and the other that offered her the opportunity to pursue a modern life.

Written in a poetic, simple manner, Shilpa presents a realistic account of her experiences with courage and openness. She hopes that her insightful story will change minds about what is possible only if we set aside prejudices and reach out to others, especially the young. Having written from a first-hand perspective, this fast-moving book is sure to inspire every reader.

Shilpa Raj, 23, started penning down her story since she was 16 years old, and now there is no stopping her. Her book is being published this month by Rupa Publications. She has earned a Master’s in Psychology, and is already putting her knowledge to counselling children who face emotional trauma. Shilpa is featured in the Netflix Original Series documentary, 'Daughters of Destiny,' to be released worldwide on July 28. 

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