Book review: Harappa - Curse of The Blood River by Vineet Bajpai

Author: Vineet Bajpai

Genre: Historical fiction, Thriller

No. of pages: 316

Published by: Vineet Bajpai

Published on: 4th June 2017

My rating: ★★★★★/5

"The individually calm and pious citizens were now displaying uncharacteristic mass hysteria. The animal, the jealousy, the raakshasa in each one of the was rearing its ugly head, as they collectively witnessed and enjoyed Harappa's tallest man writhing and struggling in inhuman suffering."


Vidyut Shastri is a 30-something young, dashing and muscular entrepreneur. Skilled with kalaripattayu, jiu jitsu and many more martial arts, he is not any regular mortal. Vidyut Shastri is the reincarnation of Visvasvan Pujari, the great 'devta' who helped build up the great city of Harappa with his own bare hands. Vidyut is half human, half god, just like his ancestor Visvasvan.

For almost 3 decades, Vidyut was kept away from his birthplace Kashi or Varanasi by his great grand father, as he believed danger lurked around Vidyut. Vidyut's great grandfather is the great and pious Dwarka Shastri, the Brahmin chieftain of the Dev-Raakshasa Matth. When the Pujari of the Matth learns that the old chieftain is on his deathbed, Vidyut is summoned to Varanasi to meet his only living family.

It is from his great grandfather, that Vidyut learns about his ancestors and the ominous danger they faced that brought destruction and annihilation of Harappa. While Vidyut tries to grasp this information, a crude assassin is deployed by a secret organization based in Rome who tries to bring Vidyut to an end.

The incidents of some 3700 years ago are drawn in parallel to the present case scenario. Vidyut's ancestor, Visvasvan faced treachery in the hands of his own trusted friend, Pundit Chandradhar and in order to bring retribution, Visvasvan doomed the entire city of Harappa.
In almost every alternate chapter, the story goes back to 3700 BCE and narrates the events which led to the great doom.

Read this spine chilling, racy thriller that spreads across a span of more than 3 thousand years to find out more about the devtas and their lineage, and the curse that caused an end to Harappa.

Writing style:

Vineet Bajpai's historical thriller is action packed and there's a twist in every turn of the page. The author has delivered a very informative book. All of us has read about the great Indus Valley Civilization in our history books when we were young. The author here will alter all your views about the Harappans and their land and their age old civilization. A simple yet strong narrative, with an enjoyable and applaudable gripping plot, the book will not disappoint you. Vineet Bajpai has presented a historical thriller with much finesse.

About the book:

Historical fiction and thrillers are my favourite genres and having both genres in one single book was worth the read. The book talks about many historical facts and also doesn't fail to show to what extent human beings can go when it comes to greed and power. The book started off strong and held its pace. I found myself wanting more and this is one of those books which I did not want to end. From charismatic characters like Vidyut to the incredible plotline; from the description of the ancient civilization to the modern day Varanasi's sacred ghats, I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I am eagerly waiting for the next book in this series and I hope to read it soon and quench my thirst. This is a must read for all historical thriller lovers.

About the author:

Vineet is a first-generation entrepreneur. At age 22 he started his company Magnon from a small shed. Today Magnon is among the largest digital agencies in the subcontinent and part of the Fortune 500 Omnicom Group. He has led the global top-ten advertising agency TBWA as its India CEO. This made him perhaps the youngest ever CEO of a multinational advertising network in the country. He has won several entrepreneurship and corporate excellence awards, including the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016. He was recently listed among the 100 Most Influential People in India's Digital Ecosystem.

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