Book review: Inside the Heart of Hope by Rishabh Puri

Author: Rishabh Puri

Genre: Romance

No. of pages: 121

Published by: Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Published on: 7th June 2017

My rating: ★★★★/5

"Many times, people ask me if I would change who I am, and I always say 'No'. I wouldn't wish my disorder on anyone, but I wouldn't change it. I am happy with who I am. I have many regrets along the way to where I am now, but if I were to go back and change just one thing, then who would I be now? No, I am happy with me, and if that's good for me, then I hope it's good enough for everyone else."


Rick Puri has been suffering from aortic valve stenosis since his birth. The disease blocks his aortic valve and his heart has to put a lot of effort to make his blood flow throughout his system. This disease has jeopardized his life as his parents keep an close eye on him and restricts him from doing anything a normal child would do.

Rick suffers a lot both mentally and physically. He is not allowed to run or do heavy physical activity; he is not allowed to go to University for his higher education and is instead kept home to pursue his education via correspondence courses; his first girlfriend leaves him due to his unguaranteed life and he has to undergo life threatening surgeries.

When Rick's will to remain alive vanishes, his best friend Jacob helps him establish positivity and goals for his life. Out of the blue Rick falls in love with an air hostess named Lisa. Rick is ready to give all his life to Lisa but will Lisa accept Rick as he is? Will Rick survive his tragedies and establish himself? Read this short and sweet book to find it out for yourself.

About the protagonist:

Your heart will want to reach out to Rick after reading about his condition. In the first few chapters, Rick tries to connect with the readers by putting forward his pain and agonies, both physical and psychological. Rick wants to be like every other normal person, he wants to live life freely and according to his own will, but his parents have kept him caged.

Writing style:

Author Rishabh Puri in this book has excellently put forward Rick's distress. The style is simple and straightforward and helps the readers understand Rick's perspective about life. The conversations in the book are crisp but I feel that the backdrop of certain situations could be elaborated for better  understanding.

About the book:

'In the Heart of Hope' can be easily finished in one sitting. This short and heart aching book describes the emotional torture one goes through when suffering from any ailment. The first few pages will make you empathize Rick's condition and the psychological aspect of depression and stress has been perfectly illustrated. Rick's rainbow of emotions while dealing with his breakup to angry outbursts towards his parents are pretty relatable in everyone's lives. If you are looking for a short and emotional read then this book is for you.

About the author:

Rishabh Puri is a highly accomplished entrepreneur of Indian origin with his spurring business set-ups in Nigeria, UAE and China. He got into his family business at the age of 18, and since then, he has been a backbone of the esteemed enterprises.

However, his childhood was not as fancy because he was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart disease at the age of 1. He often craved for a ‘normal life’ that everyone else was able to enjoy. His life was mostly limited to talking to the doctors and visiting hospitals for a few surgeries and regular check-ups. Despite being so near to death every time he was on the surgery table, he never restricted himself from hoping to live a full life, a life comprising the happiest moments complimented with a lot of humour.

Rishabh is not just a busy businessman who spares time for his most cherished skills for penning down fiction, he is also an avid traveller, a supercar enthusiast, a Romantic chef over the weekends, a painter, a natural drawer, ‘a hookah + green tea’ combination lover, and an active volunteer for supporting the needy strata of our society.

Rishabh makes his home in Lagos, Nigeria and Dubai, UAE where he stays for most of the year with his family that doesn’t includes his wife, yet. He keeps coming back to India and stays in Chandigarh, his birthplace, which is so close to his faulty heart, for obvious reasons.

I received a copy from the author in exchange of an honest review. 

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