Book review: Karma's Ukulele by Lekshmi Gopinathan

Author: Lekshmi Gopinathan

Genre: Drama, Travelogue

No. of pages: 212

Published by: Lekshmi Gopinathan

Published on: 11th July 2017

My rating: ★★★★★/5

"Your brokenness is as beautiful as you. You will heal and that will be beautiful too. These scars don't make you or break you. I forbid myself from falling in love with you but I failed. You are an enigma and nobody needs to know your secrets. You don't need me, you don't need any man or a woman."


A woman who makes up her name wherever she goes, whose name isn't revealed until the last pages of the book, a woman who is travelling offbeat places, with only 3 pairs of clothes, a dagger and her ukulele. Who wouldn't want to know about this woman? A woman, who is strong headed and kicks ass? Who wouldn't want to know her story? This is the story of one such badass woman.

From various places like Jaffna to Pokhara, our hero of this story, travels alone in search of her identity and to run away from her past. She meets different people along her journey. While one person in Srinagar pours his heart out to her about Kashmir, another keeps on pestering her to buy marijuana in Kathmandu.

As the story progresses, we see that our hero is evolving. Initially, she says to her readers that she hates men, and that she doesn't like talking to people. But, as she goes to different places, she ends up being helped by fellow human beings and in turn, she unknowingly touches everyone's lives. With her journey, she reflects upon her life and let's the know about her deep and dark past, what made her so indifferent and rude, what made her stay away from people and what made her faith and trust in humanity fade away. Read her hauntingly beautiful story to find out.

About the protagonist:

The book blurb says 'She is not your regular hero!' and truth be spoken, she isn't. Our hero is someone you can look up to when you face a crisis. Armed with a dagger, she is fearless. On her way to different towns and cities, she brings change in herself as well as the people around her. She helps a young boatman in Varanasi collect customers; she helps a camel rider make up his mind to pursue his education; she helps a damaged man get up on his feet when everything in his life was turmoiled. She makes you believe that you can fix yourself even if you are broken. She is THE hero that you need.

Writing style:

It's perfect. Lekshmi Gopinathan's writing style is perfect. It is smooth and flows like a river and its current takes you with the flow. You will be so engrossed that you wouldn't even realize you completed so many pages in a few minutes. Lekshmi Gopinathan's character description is as good as her narration. It is quite unbelievable that Karma's Ukulele is her first book.

About the book:

The book is about a fiery woman who is haunted by her past and tries to find solace in travelling and her ukulele. While battling her own battles, she uses travelling as her escapism. Travelling along the length of the country meeting new people, forming bonds and giving you an in depth knowledge about relationships, is all you need, and all these factors in this book makes it such a different and heart warming read. My favourite quote about love and relationships from the book is:

"Love is not about relationships, it's about making memories."

This is the book that I would love to recommend anyone, with or without a broken heart, with or without a broken soul.

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I would like to thank the author for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


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