Book review: Messed Up! But All For Love by Arvind Parashar

Author: Arvind Parashar

No. of pages: 164

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Published by: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Published on: 1st May 2017

My rating: ★★★★/5

"When ego bites you, the poison spreads more rapidly than a snake bite. At least in case of the latter, you know what to do. You will take action. Here, you don't even want to accept it. The action does not stand a chance. A long term correction and daily dose of love keeps the ego stashed away."


Don't we all at one point of time mess up things when it comes to love? One such profusely messed up couple is Neil and Gauri. Neil is the marketing head of Coke's Asian region and Gauri is a dentist running her own clinic. They are an adorable young married couple.

When Neil and Gauri and their set of hilarious friends, namely Tom, James, Jerry and Mehr, plan a trip to Cuba, a tumultuous situation arises when Srinya, Neil's fitness instructor tries to poke her nose in his life. The group later meets Drishti, a TV news anchor and her husband Somesh, a top cop. They are a troubled couple.

Things take a turn after the vacation ends, when Drishti gets kidnapped. Several misunderstandings and suspicions later, the two couples see themselves on the verge of a divorce. But what is the truth behind all this commotion? Are these suspicions just speculations? Will the couples reunite? You definitely wanna read more to find out.

The characters:

All the characters portrayed here by the author gives you some lesson about love.
Neil is a doting husband but he is highly misunderstood. The sweet little things Neil does for Gauri are something every girl would want from their partner.
Gauri shows how easily we should let go of our ego and pacify our other half no matter what.
Drishti and Somesh are the ones that project immense disagreement with each other but they also teach us how, if the disagreements are not resolved soon enough can lead to severe emotional separation.
Neil and Gauri's friends show us the dire necessity to have friends, both in times of need and in happiness.

Writing style:

Arvind Parashar has an exquisite style which keeps a reader engrossed. The narration has been well executed. There are genuine comic elements in the book. His inclusion of the poems and songs that Neil sometimes dedicated Gauri in this book are also well placed.

About the book:

I finished this book at one go and I would say that this book is a thorough entertainer. I wouldn’t be surprised if this book is adapted on screen. In fact, one should go through this book to learn a thing or two about how to maintain a relationship. Neil and Gauri portray everything that goes wrong with young married couples nowadays. Grab this book which is a romantic read that comes with suspense.

About the author:

Arvind Parashar is an author and painter hailing from Dehradun. He has been a corporate leader in various firms like GE, Dell and Genpact. He enjoys road trips and gives motivational lectures at various educational institutes.

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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