Book review: Why Should I Love You...? by Kamal Paneru

Author: Kamal Paneru

Genre: Romance

No. of pages: 150

Published by: Half Baked Beans Publishing

Published on: 1st January 2017

My rating: ★★/5

"It does not matter how much you try to pretend that you do not care or you do not have any problem with anything, at last, inside you know that you cannot make a fool of yourself."


Raunak Chakraborty is a final year engineering student from Dal Lake Institute of Technology who instead of calling his long lost friend from his yesteryears ends up calling his sister Juhi by mistake. Raunak and Juhi's love story starts with this call. Juhi hails from a very conservative family where her parents beat her regularly and restricts her from doing anything. So when Juhi's father comes to know about Juhi's affair with Raunak, he threatens Raunak to leave Juhi otherwise there would be severe consequences. Due to family problems, Raunak and Juhi decide to separate against their own wishes.

Meanwhile, Raunak's junior from college, Megha had been in love with Raunak since her early days in college. When Raunak gets a job in Bangalore, Megha follows Raunak's steps and joins the same company. Their friendship and bond grows stronger each passing day.

But as all good things come to an end, Raunak's world goes topsy turvy when after almost 2 years he meets Juhi out of the blue. Will Juhi and Raunak reconcile? Will Raunak move away from Megha in this process? Who will Raunak choose in the end? Read this book to find out.

Writing style:

The author Kamal Paneru writes a very simple story, the one that is ubiquitous in Bollywood's movie plots. I found lots of grammatical errors and this can be attributed to either the author's mistakes or the editorial desk's negligence. Apart from grammatical errors, I found that the author has inserted fancy words in poorly formed sentences. There were prepositions missing from sentences and also few spelling mistakes could be spotted. The book can be read in one go.

About the book:

To me, the book was more or less likeable. The plot was simple and it had the potential to be presented in a better way. On the positive side, the book talks about innocent love, where a tortured girl finds solace in someone who is an outsider and this solace shifts into love. I liked the chemistry between Raunak and Juhi, but at times Juhi's character acted like an immature child which Raunak found beautiful but I did not. Overall it was a light read.

You can buy the book from here

I would like to thank the publishers for giving me a review copy of this book. 


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