11 Things That Annoy A Book Lover

Here is a list of 11 things that annoy a book lover (the personal views of a book lover herself):

1. Returning a book that's lent with dog ears, broken spine:

Don't you hate it when you give your books to people to READ and they return your precious with dog ears and broken spines?
If I am giving you my book then please treat it as my baby, otherwise you are not getting a single books from me ever again.

2. When people try to strike up a conversation while you are reading:

You always have certain people around you who will constantly irritate you by asking, 'What are you reading?'
If you are so intrigued, please read the freaking cover!

3. Asking about your favourite book:

Asking booknerds about their favourite book is like asking about their favourite organ in the body.
I have innumerable favourite books, precisely more than you have ever read!

4. People who say they don't like reading:

There will always be this particular person who will say, 'how do you people read such fat books?' and 'I don't like reading.'
How can you NOT love reading? Do you NOT breathe? Reading is breathing for me.

5. Contradictory views of others about your favourite book:

Yes, there are people with contradictory opinions about the book you love.
But stop imposing your ideology on me. Whatever you say, I will still LOVE THE BOOK with all my heart and soul.

6. Not reading a book that's lent:

Some people have no respect for the book and return it without reading it.
Please don't do it! I gave you that book so that it consumes your soul just like it did to me. Don't return it unread!

7. Not returning the books on time:

This shakes me to the core. I get really concerned about my book when it's not returned on time. Imagine the horror when you lose contact with the person and you have no idea what happened to your book. Absolutely horrifying, right?

8. Finding your books displaced in your bookshelf:

Coming back home to find your books displaced! That's a freaking nightmare. I have arranged that bookshelf according to size, colour, genre, height, weight and width! DO NOT DISTURB THEIR HOME!

9. Increase in price while trying to buy online:

Don't you hate it when you have saved an item in your cart only to come back and find the price has increased? You will hate it specifically when you have to save your pocket money to buy books and hence online book stores are your only salvation since they are way cheaper than normal book stores.

10. Taking a book without asking:

There is one person who will come to your house and take your book from the bookshelf even in your absence.
You are NOT allowed to touch my sacred place without asking me.

11. Disappointing books:

It really hurts you when an over hyped book just disappoints you.
I invested my time and money on you and you just messed with my brain and heart.

Are these points relatable? Do give us your opinions about annoying things that you face while reading, in the comments section. :)

Note: Pictures have been taken from Pinterest. 


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