Book review: 31 Miles by Vinita Bakshi

Author: Vinita Bakshi

Genre: Drama, Romance

No. of pages: 220

Published by: Rupa Publications

Published on: 10th November 2016

My rating: ★★★/5

"Hope is a strange gift of God to human beings. It helps them to survive and keep going."


Mansa is a homemaker with a loving and well to do family which includes her caring husband, two beautiful and well brought up daughters, one studying dentistry in London and another in her final years of school. Her family is based in a posh Gurgaon area and her social group consists of high class working ladies.

When Mansa finds her homemaker's life mundane, she decides to find a job for herself. After enrolling herself in a culinary course, she finds her true potential and within a span of 2 years she opens her own culinary business. With a flourishing business she expands it via her website. In this process, Mansa becomes well acquainted with the social media culture and her happily married life turns upside down when she falls for a stranger online.

Mansa drifts away from her family matters and dedicates herself to this man she has never seen. Will Mansa finally find her true love in this online relationship? Will Mansa leave her family for this stranger? Read this book which also deals with Karma Chakra and other spiritual aspects of the karmic world to know more about Mansa's life.

About the characters:

This story is about Mansa, who is tired of her predictable days. Mansa is showcased as the 'Adarsh' daughter as set by the societal norms. The one with a moral background, with a belief in her faith and one who is obedient towards her parents. When she is married off, she obediently takes up the position of the caretaker of her husband, children and the entire household. Her entire life she has been dependent on others so when she establishes herself and then steps into the real world of social media she finds herself in the clutches of online dating. Being a simple woman as she is, Mansa finds it hard to forget her online lover.

Abhijit, Mansa's husband does not make many appearances in the book, but it can be said that Abhijit is a perfect husband, one who pampers Mansa and takes care of all her needs. Abhijit is not a romantic sort of a man but he is nevertheless a dutiful husband and father.

Writing style:

Vinita Bakshi's 31 Miles has some editorial mistakes like misplacing names and a few typos, but other than that the book is exemplary. The words used are simple and easy to understand.

About the book:

31 Miles is a book that every Indian woman should read. Her struggles to keep up with an aimless life and finally getting out of it only to find herself in a big soup is something that is relatable. The book aims to give a scenario which is ubiquitous in real life. According to me, the book started off good but dragged towards the middle. The book had the potential to be engaging but it lacked lustre. Nevertheless it is a good read and I enjoyed reading it.

About the author:

Vinita Bakshi is an-award winning sociologist and social entrepreneur. She is an alumunus of prestigious Delhi School of Economics.
She has founded a non-profit organization-AAMBRA Foundation, with a vision towards women empowerment and skill development. She is the chief architect and brain behind, She Speaks, a triennial seminar series dealing with the issues faced by the contemporary South Asian women. She is also the founder of AMBROTSAVE, an annual cultural festival which brings to the fore not only Literature but also the visual and performing arts, crafts, cuisines, weaves and many waning traditions of India. She is currently serving as Director of National Institute of Jewelry (NIJ), Delhi.
Vinita has a passion for literature and writes fiction and non-fiction, bilingually in English and Hindi. She has also published papers on gender on feminism.

I would like to thank the author for giving me a review copy in exchange of an honest review. 

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