Book review: Aryavir (Guardians of the Blue Lotus #1) by Anita Shirodkar

Author: Anita Shirodkar

Genre: Historical fantasy, Fantasy fiction

No. of pages: 346

Published by: The Write Place

Published on: 1st January 2017

My rating: ★★★★/5

"...let your plans be as unintelligible and impermeable as the darkness, and when you strike, strike your enemy like a thunderbolt. Hit him where he least expects it. Know his weaknesses, and use them to fell him."


In the mythical kingdom of Kamalkund, Aryavir is its 17-years-old prince and heir to the throne. Aryavir is a Kamal Akshi, which means that he is a blue-eyed prince and he has been blessed by the Indivara, a divine blue lotus that protects the kingdom of Kamalkund. Aryavir is born a warrior and a very brave young boy, but he is under a terrible curse that has his life at stake.

Aryavir is the only son of King Chiraksh, the present blue eyed ruler of Kamalkund, and he has to lead the kingdom forward. But with a full scale war raging against the kingdom, Aryavir is faced with secrets and atrocities that can harm his father's name and his kingdom.

His family's past has positioned him in harm's way. The story has shown many complexities in family connections. The family allegiances and grudges has led to plots that are complex and enticing. The main families of this story are the Kamal Akshi clan and the Chandraketu clan who fight against each other. Read this intriguing work of fiction and delve yourself in an ancient world of war and magic.

About the characters:

There are many characters in this book, so you will see a wide range of personalities in here. Though the protagonist here is Aryavir, there are other family characters whose story moves along with the book which arises many other subplots.
Aryavir is a fierce boy, but we can see his gentle side too.
His father Chiraksh is an unbiased and just ruler.
Aryavir's best friend Sitanshu has time and again proved his loyalty and he has vowed to be Aryavir's protector and elder brother.
The king of the Chandraketu clan, Divyendu shows how pride and honour harms the family.
The queen mother Chandrabha keeps her promise even in times of familial conflicts.
All and all, the multiplicity of the characters will teach you a lot about the human nature and inter personal conflicts.

Writing style:

Anita Shirodkar has woven a well laid fantasy fiction. I consider fantasy fictions as a very difficult genre because one has to intricately lay the plots keeping in mind both the foreground and the background of the present situation, but the author has perfected it in her book. The book has elements of surprises and a gripping essence. Other than a few editorial typos, the language of the book is pretty simple and enjoyable.

About the book:

I love reading fantasy fictions and when I received this book with its beautiful blueish cover I knew it would not disappoint me. The book comes with a map of the fantasy world in the book and family charts for the reader's reference. It took me a few chapters to get accustomed with the plot and the webbed family, but bit by bit I got engrossed with the story. The book mentions legends and myths and magics of the fantasy world which will take you to that world and make you fall in love with it. Aryavir is the first book of the 'Guardians of the Blue Lotus series' and I will be waiting for more.

About the author:

A student of Applied Art, Anita graduated from Sophia Polytechnic and spent 20 years in advertising and graphic design. Recent design and writing assignments encompass brochures, corporate identity design, food writing, store design, and a coffee table book on India. Anita is Creative Consultant to Tamarind Global, an Event and Destination Management Company based in India. She resides in Mumbai and Dubai. Her hobbies and interests range from world cuisine and photography to oil painting and spirituality.
Anita's first work of fiction Secrets and Second Chances was published in July 2014, followed by Nights in Pink Satin in 2015 and an eBook, Adriana's Smile, in 2016.
The Guardians of the Blue Lotus - Aryavir is the first book of a trilogy.

I received a review copy of this book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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