Book review: Served With Love by Priyanka Menon

Author: Priyanka Menon

No. of pages: 168

Genre: Romance

Published by: HarperCollins India

Published on: 22nd May 2017

My rating: ★★★★/5

'How do you know that I love you?'
Pakhi smiled. 'You gave me the last bite of the cheesecake, Abhimanyu.'


Served With Love is the story of falling in love over food. Abhimanyu Dev, forty-two years old Head Chef and owner of Dev Intercontinental, is very specific and sensitive about the food in his hotel. When he fires the sous-chef of his hotel, Pakhi Mehra steps in as the new sous-chef. Pakhi is a twenty-six year old chef who has a three years old niece under her wings to take care of.

An arrogant and proud Abhimanyu does not believe in love and marriage and wants to remain single as long as possible. Abhimanyu invites Pakhi and her niece Abhithi to Kolkata for the opening of a new hotel there. When Pakhi enters Abhimanyu's life, Pakhi somehow manages to break both of them push each other away. There is only one thing that bind them together - their love for little Abhithi.

When Abhithi gets kidnapped while Abhimanyu and Pakhi are away at Jaipur, they join each other for a wild hunt to find Abhithi. Will this emotional turmoil bring them together? Will they find their Abhithi? Read this delectable book to find out.

About the characters:

Abhimanyu Dev is the most charismatic forty-two years old fictional character I've seen. Abhimanyu's physical description makes him an eye candy. Abhimanyu is the kind of a man a woman would love to fall in love with. He is an adamant and dedicated and a no nonsense guy. He can be the most harshest man if his employees make any kind of mistake. So when Abhimanyu, a grown and matured man falls in love with Pakhi, his transition from a cold hearted man to a caring person is quite sweet and warming.

Pakhi is an equally dedicated chef and aunt. The way she handles her job and takes care of her little niece is praise-worthy. Pakhi is described as an average Indian woman. This is one of the thing that I loved about this book, the simplicity of the characters. Her fierce love for her niece and father is very fascinating in the book.

Writing style:

Priyanka Menon's writing style is very descriptive and informative. There are a lot of places in the book where different Indian platters are described. In the book, Abhimanyu and Pakhi goes to Kolkata and Jaipur and tries out the local dishes. I loved the way the author has done her homework about the most famous eateries (like Mrs. Magpie in Kolkata and Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar in Jaipur) and their cuisines for her book. Apart for the food part, Priyanka Menon has woven a graceful and matured love story where she points out in a subtle manner the feelings that Abhimanyu and Pakhi goes through.

About the book:

Served With Love is a love story for the souls who love food and would love to see two very different people falling in love with each other because of their mutual love for food. The plot of the book is not that strong but the book is very simple and I loved it for this reason. If you want to find some magic over food then this is your book. Read it and enjoy it and if you are a foodie, maybe you could learn a thing or two from it.

About the author:

Priyanka S. Menon is an Indian novelist and writer of fiction. She is a lecturer and a spoken word poet. She won the Harlequin India passion contest in 2015 and has released her first book, The One That Got Away, the same year. She has published books with Harlequin India and When she is not penning love stories or writing poetry, Menon teaches advertising to college students.

I would like to thank the publishers for giving me a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. 

Note: The author information has been taken from Wikipedia. 


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