Book review: Razor Sharp by Abhinav Kumar

Name: Razor Sharp: 13 Short Stories

Author: Abhinav Kumar

No. of pages: 166

Genre: Short stories, Anthology

Published by: Self published

Published on: 11th August 2017

Format: eBook, Kindle edition

My rating: ★★★★/5


Razor Sharp by Abhinav Kumar has 13 short stories. I will be giving a very short synopsis of each of the stories without giving away any spoiler:

1. Razor Sharp - Mark and Jennifer has been married for 7 years but it has been going downhill lately. Mark comes to Delhi for some business purpose where he meets a roadside barber. How a mere acquaintance changes his life is what the story about.

2. Prejudice - Adhirath Singh Sisodia is a 20 something Uber cabbie in Delhi who judges his latest passenger to be a rich spoilt brat as the passenger is dressed in expensive attire. She continuously weeps and the cabbie decides that she must have had a small fight with her husband. What happens next changes Adhirath's viewpoint.

3. A Special Occasion - Aryan and Kavya go to Goa to celebrate their 17th anniversary. Their romantic getaway ends with a stunning twist. 

4. Memory - Arjun's two close friends from school, Rahul and Joseph have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But meeting an old friend from school and a nagging memory help Arjun solve his problem. But this help comes with a condition.

5. A Breath of Fresh Air - Just a page long, this story is about a simple loving encounter between two lovers that ends with a surprising revelation.

6. Kabargah - Three friends go to the Jammu and Kashmir House in Delhi to try out a Kashmiri delicacy called Kabargah as suggested by their Kashmiri friend Manan. How their expectations are met and how their evening turns out is what the story all about.

7. Zenana - The first wife of a Padisha (a Sultan/Ruler) waits for her husband every night to come to her chambers in the Zenana but she is always met with disappointment. Though she is always disheartened by the backbiting of the Padisha's other wives, it is her personal attendant, Hoshiyar, a eunuch, who consoles her. This story is about hope and the beautiful relationship between a Begum and her attendant.

8. Half Century - Two friends, Rahul and Manish go to a drab area to buy illegal drugs. What reveals in the end takes a hilarious turn.

9. Lust - Mr. and Mrs. Singh are a young couple who has been married for just a one month. They had an arranged marriage yet they found their love for one another through it. However they are unable to lead a proper sexual life. The story is about how they show patience and trust for one another throughout the process of their discovery of their problems.

10. One Play Day - A boy named Swami goes to an older boy's house to play games. He scoffs at the younger kids' play ways and their games. This story is about childhood dreams and wishes.

11. 13(1)(VII) - Rahul Rai goes to his lawyer friend Harish to seek help for a divorce. Rahul's wife Padma is missing for 7 years and Rahul wants to get a divorce with the help of the law. How the story takes a twist is worth reading it.

12. Bon Appetit - Ram and Thomas's are 2 childhood friends who meet in a restaurant. Ram is happy and gay and eats a scrumptious meal. But Thomas sits still and does not eat anything. The whole time Thomas waits for Ram to speak but what the story says in the end will make the reader's heart warm.

13. Gone - Shahana wakes up in the morning to find that her husband has left her forever. That morning Radha comes to her with food and also she offers to comfort her. This is a beautiful story of female friendship and companionship.

Writing style:

Abhinav Kumar has an impeccable writing style. His style is very plain yet very matured. Some of the stories are long and a few are very short. His style has an unique way of conveying the stories and he leaves elements of surprise and shock towards the end without revealing much. Doing so, the reader's interest in the story piques and one will want to know eagerly about what happens in the end. After a long time I read a book with short stories that really touched my heart.

About the book:

Short stories always catches my attention since they are short and can be finished at your own pace and whims. This book has different flavoured stories. From stories with social issues to stories about life and loss, this book has all. What I loved about this book is that the book tells you the story without giving away much. It is up to the readers how they want to interpret it. My personal favourite is the story called 'Prejudice'. Though the stories are a one time read, I feel that Abhinav Kumar's short story collection has a lot to teach us. It taught me about love, trust, friendship, companionship and childhood nostalgia. This book is definitely a book that you should read.

About the author:

Abhinav Kumar is a corporate lawyer from New Delhi, India. He's been writing (and collecting rejections) for two years, and regrets not having begun earlier. If you liked the stories, do drop a line - he can be reached at

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