Book review: Adventures in Farland by Moshank Relia

Author: Moshank Relia

Genre: Children's fantasy

No. of pages: 105

Published by: Rumour Books India

Published on: 15th October 2017

Format: eBook

My rating: ★★★★/5

‘It’s a steep, tiring path to the top,’ 
said Bira, ‘but any day is a good day for 
shooting balloons.'


Mira Rawat is a seven years old adventurous girl. She, along with her friends Bira and Vira, climb up the steep hill Gunhill for a picnic on a beautiful Sunday. Bira and Vira are twin brothers who are fond of chocolate and are always fighting with each other. While climbing the hill, the brothers get into a fight and stumble upon a bush. Hidden behind the bush is man named Bushy who hails from the magical land of Farland.

Bushy comes with the message that Mira and her friends have been invited by the Princess old Farland, Princess Harmonica to attend the New Moon Party that was to be held in Farland that day. Mira has always heard about the magical tales of Farland from her mother and getting an invitation from the Princess herself is a dream come true.

Bushy sends Starhead, Farland's best pilot, to fly Mira and her friends to Farland. While still on the way, the plane breaks down and they all land on the Lost-Forest. Here they meet Windman, who has apparently blown a strong wind to stop the Queen of Witches who is on a mission to destroy Farland using the Dragon of Underhill. But soon, the evil witch captures Starhead and Windman with her magical powers and goes on with her mission to wake up the sleeping Dragon of Underhill to blow up the peaceful land of Farland.

Thus begins Mira's adventures to save Farland. She meets the Fat-man the fat station master, Mastiff the dog and the Wizard from Laughing Village on her way to stop the Queen of Witches. Read Adventures of Farland to know how our brave little Mira saves Farland.

Writing style:

Moshank Relia has written a children's fantasy book in a way that is extremely appealing to the younger audiences. The writing is beautiful and very artistic. His description of the characters and the imaginary places mentioned in the book will help the young readers develop an imaginative power of their own.

About the book:

I was reliving my childhood while reading Adventures in Farland as it reminded me of the books I read as a child. The existence of fairies and magical creatures used to give me such positivity when I was a kid, and reading Adventures in Farland made me so happy. I am glad I read this book. Reading children's book took me back to those carefree days. I wanted to be like Mira, lead an adventurous life, meet magical friends and believe in magic.

The book also has outlined pictures which can be coloured. The pictures have almost all the characters from the book which will help the readers relate better to both the characters and the story.

Adventures in Farland is a book that every child of 6-10 years of age will enjoy. Next time you plan to surprise your little one with a book, Adventures in Farland is the book you are looking for.

About the author:

Moshank is a graduate in English literature and has earned certificates in creative writing, sketching and theatre. He also holds a diploma in photography and has worked as a fashion photographer. He has trekked a number of high-altitude ranges in the Himalayas, including the mighty Rupin Pass (15,250ft.), Kedarkantha (12,850ft.) and the Kuari Pass (12,516ft.). His love for adventure, his deep affection for kids and his wide-ranging creative experiences drove him to write children’s fiction. Even though he is based in New Delhi, he can often be found sauntering along Camel Back Road, Mussoorie, where he spent most of his teenage years.

I received a copy of the book from the publicity team 'The Book Planet PR' in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

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