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Our Phenomenal Love By Garima Khurana

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. But it springs in with infinite phases. Rarest of rare manage their journey through all ups and downs. Same electrified feeling was experienced by Aman and Anvi, two different personalities sharing their initials also planning to share their lives. 
"Break up simply means to be with the other person and create new beautiful memories to replace the former ones. But the moments created with your first love cannot be replaced by anything in this universe". Does break up really means to never see each other again? "Love is above everything" we have heard this phrase for a million of times by now. But there are certain mistakes which cannot be healed by.

Excerpt - 1
2 people, one mistake and everything ripped apart. 
It feels great when you know that your crush too had crush on you 
"We had birthday with breaks "
I and you are like shoes and socks made for each other. 
Something died inside me which created a void and that void is coffin of my love for him.
First love never dies, it remains somewhere inside you. 
In her dreams they were already a couple.
Excerpt - 2
She is weirdo with no reason smile and is basket of positive vibes. 

"I usually talk to myself, the external world doesn't had that level of maturity to get my thoughts and opinion."

Her innocence is what i love the most in her. 

"I heard a voice which was relatable to the sound of nightingale."

"I want to cry, i want to scream, i want to yell at him and kill him for not loving me."

Break up doesn't mean people stop loving each other it just means that they are apart with memories of their partners. 
Love never hurts, heartbreaks do. 
Students are categorised into two parts, super brainers and useless brains.

'Garima Khurana' is from the land of battles, Panipat, India. She believes in spreading love around her. She is a fun loving person and loves to live in the moment. She has done her graduation from Chandigarh and is pursuing post graduation from Chandigarh itself. She loves to observe nature and her only purpose is to serve humanity.


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