Book review: The Ghosts of Gurugram by Debeshi Gooptu

Author: Debeshi Gooptu

Genre: Satire

No. of pages: 150

Published on: 7th November 2017

Format: eBook / Kindle

My rating: ★★★★/5

"Life is difficult but it’s about the choices we make that are important in the end. You lost out on life but I won’t let you lose the fight." 


Tara Chatterjee changes her job and shifts to Gurugram (or Gurugram) after her engagement is called off with her fiance and colleague, Nikhil. After looking for a lot of houses, she comes across a perfect apartment for herself. But she senses that something is wrong with the apartment. Not only that, the landlady of the apartment, Savitri Singhal, is a shrew lady.

Trouble starts when Tara starts seeing a black cat in and around her apartment that no one else can. Within minutes the black cat disappears into the thin air. She knows that the cat is no normal cat. So one day when she goes to her balcony and bends over the railing to see the cat, someone whispers into her ears, 'don't jump.' She turns around to see a beautiful young girl with sad eyes. Even before Tara can ask her her name, the girl vanishes and Tara faints.

The apparition keeps visiting Tara and narrates her life's story to her. Tara gets to know that the apparition, whose name is Simran, has connections with the apartment and seeks Tara's help. Simran also introduces Tara to the other dissatisfied souls of Gurugram as Tara has the special ability to see and hear the apparitions. Tara realises that the fast paced city is the reason behind everyone's sadness.

Little by little Tara gets closer in bringing justice for Simran but the real problem is her landlady. Will Tara be able to help Simran and the other apparitions? Read this interesting book to find out more.

Writing style:

I really liked the author's way of telling the story. What seemed like a horror story in the beginning turns out to be an emotional read. The book has a fixed pace throughout and every chapter ends with a twist. The special thing about the author's style is her dialogues. I especially enjoyed the dialogues between Tara and her office colleague Neetu. They were smart and funny. Overall, if you ignore a few typos, the book is one of the most interesting book I've read so far.

About the book:

Talking about the protagonist first, Tara is a very ordinary girl with a broken heart who comes to Gurugram to start a new life, and so readers will be able to relate a lot with Tara. I liked the sympathetic side of Tara especially towards the apparitions. Even though Tara tries to act tough from the outside, Tara is a soft and emotional person from inside. Her fearlessness and helpful and friendly nature strikes out the most as she tries her best to help Simran.

The change of genre was refreshing for me. The book silently speaks about and covers all the problems that are with the millennium city of Gurugram. Each of the stories that the different apparitions tells Tara are a reflection of the society. It covers a wide range of topic, from the demands of dowry to the rat race in the education system of India, the book introspects everything wrong with today's lifestyle.

In order to have a change of perspective, this book is highly recommended to all.

'I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.'


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