Book review: This Delicious Life by Lekshmi Gopinathan

Author: Lekshmi Gopinathan

Genre: Drama, Fiction

No. of pages: 214

Published on: 7th November 2017

Published by: Self publication

Format: eBook/Kindle

My rating: ★★★★★/5

"Food was a celebration of life, the taste of emotions, the aroma of art with a hint of the unusual in the midst of everything usual."


This Delicious Life is an unusual take on a story about the love for food and how to fall in love with food.

The story starts with two different plotlines. One of them is about  Radhamma who is a young widowed sarpanch of Iraalpatinam. Iraalpatinam is a tiny fishing village along the coast of Kerala in India. Radhamma is a very respected and considerate lady in the village who works really hard for the development of her tiny village. Her love for the villagers and food is showcased in different instances.

The other story is about Matilda, a young and talented entrepreneur and a food blogger who spends her days in morose after her mother's death. Though Matilda does not know how to cook, her mother was an excellent cook and Matilda seeks closure to her dead mother through their mutual love for food.

When Matilda finds photographs of her mother in her golden days, she discovers a part of her mother's life that she never knew. Her mother was a biker and went on many adventures with her bike. When Matilda decides to follow her mother's footsteps, as luck may permit, she comes to the tiny village of Iraalpatinam.

Look out for this beautiful book to know how Matilda and Radhamma cross each other's path and enrich each other's lives.

Writing style:

I have read Lekshmi Gopinathan's debut book Karma's Ukulele and I have to say that This Delicious Life is as good as her previous book. The author's narration is so lyrical and magical. Who would have ever thought that the description of the process of making food could be so poetic. Example this:

"She had never had Adai and Radha was absolutely right when she said it was nothing like a dosa. It was a mix of a dozen flavors, the bland urad, the sober toor dal, the pompous moong and the flirty chilli romancing the curry. The tangy tomato with chilly embraced by the royal coconut along with the comfort of the mild vegetables, what was Matilda tasting."

I am so in love with Lekshmi Gopinathan's writing style. Even her descriptions of tiniest details are magical. Like when Radhamma was walking on the beach and the wind was blowing through her waist-length hair, I could actually picture her. I am honestly in awe of this author.

About the book:

Lekshmi Gopinathan creates some strong female characters. Anyone who has read her books will know that her female protagonists literally 'rises from the ashes' and stands tall and straight with heads held high. Both the female protagonists have two different backgrounds, and both of them hold on firmly to the ground to bring changes, in and around them.

Apart from the characters, the book is very very different than any other book that I have read. I felt like I am reading a cookbook with a whole lot of emotions. Each chapter is named after an Indian dish and even the ingredients and the preparation method is described in the chapter. So along with reading a book you get to know about many beautiful Indian cuisines. And the ingredients and the process are incorporated in a very subtle and sweet way.

As food is not for the mouth but for the soul, this book is also for the soul and not for the mind. I loved everything about this book, from the story to the emotions. It has tales of friendship, broken hearts, separation and love. This book has every aspect of being hailed as a 'heart-touching' book. Whether you love food or not, this book is a must read.

About the author:

Lekshmi Gopinathan is an author and traveler from India with two books to her name, all within a short span of four months. 'This Delicious Life' is a genre breaking culinary fiction, preceded by 'Karma's Ukulele', the inspiring tale of a badass nomad. Lekshmi 's a solo traveler and runs an art conservation project named Kalayatra. She quit her full time job at 29 to travel to different parts of Asia, exploring lesser known destinations, unraveling a new side to them. The various roles she has experimented with include, being a documentary maker, an investigative journalist, wildlife conservationist and a start-up specialist. Travel and writing remain her first love.

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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