My Best Nine Reads of 2017

2017 has been an awesome year for me (reading-wise). This year I read the most number of books and I even surpassed my Goodreads reading challenge by 19 books (the goal was 50 books). Here are the best nine books I read this year (not ranked) and my personal thoughts on them:

1. Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I wanted to be like Cheryl Strayed after reading the book. I wanted to travel the world alone and discover myself, discover who I truly am. This book has the right feels and hits you hard. It's a biography of a young woman who is on the journey of self-discovery while hiking across the Pacific Crest Trail alone. If you haven't yet read this book then you definitely should, otherwise you'll be missing a great experience.

2. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

I bet many of you have read it and most of you have fallen in love with this book. Such lyrical narration and emotions, only Khaled Hosseini can do that. This book broke my heart, but in the most beautiful way. I can't praise this book enough.

3. Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi

This book was released this year and is my favourite book from the comedy genre. I laughed along with this book and really really enjoyed it. This is a perfect entertainer for those who want a light read without messing their brains. This book is about a man who leaves his job in order to pursue his 'true calling' and how comically he discovers his calling amidst several, equally comical problems is something to read about.

4. Animal Farm by George Orwell

A short classic book about communism amongst animals, this is an intelligent book that I read and loved very very much towards the end of the year. I saw a lot of recommendations about this book on Instagram so I had to buy it. I finished reading it the next day and well, I fell in love.

5. Origin by Dan Brown

I knew I would pre-order Origin as soon as I got to know that Dan Brown is going to release a new Robert Langdon thriller this year. So I am going to be biased here, I love Dan Brown's books will all my heart and even though Origin was not as racy as the previous books, I loved reading it and consider it as my best nine reads.

6. To Sir With Love by E. R. Braithwaite

I borrowed this lovely book from my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a thoughtful, insightful and inspiring read about how a black man who after serving in the war joins a school as a teacher and, amidst all ostracism, disciplines a class of rowdy students and gains their utmost respect. This is one book that should be read one in a lifetime.

7. The Tree With a Thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta

I found this book to be quite similar to Khaled Hosseini's books. I mean, not the story, but the poignant way in which the story has been narrated. The story is set in Kashmir where three young friends are separated from each other due to  Kashmir riots. How they come together under the most unwanted circumstances is something very heart breaking.

8. The Spy by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho's latest book is about Mata Hari, the most exotic French dance who was infamously accused as a spy during the World War. The book is basically an exchange of letters between Mata Hari and her lawyer, talking about how Mata Hari has come to this point of her life where she has been accused of being a spy. This was a really really informative read for me as I had no idea about Mata Hari's story.

9. Harappa: Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai

I remember finishing about 280 pages within a day. This book is so fast paced and thrilling that it kept me up all night. This is a historical fiction where the male protagonist's ancestor had doomed the entire city of Harappa by his curse and now his life was in danger. This story of this book will be continued in the 2nd book of the series and I am eagerly waiting for it.

So this was my best nine reads of the year 2017. Did you find anything common? Or do you want to add anything? Please do let me know about it. I wish you all who are reading my article a very happy 2018. :)


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