Book release: Nikita Singh's Letters to My Ex

As the day of celebrating love approaches, HarperCollins India has come with a wonderful news. India's best-selling author Nikita Singh's latest novel, Letters to My Ex, will be releasing on this coming Valentine's Day. I am very excited to be a part of this press release and so so eager to read the book.

Nikita Singh's Letters to My Ex is an emotional and exceptional book about two people in love exchanging letters to each other and trying to mend their broken hearts. The romance and the love takes the shape of these letters, trying to convey many emotions and unspoken words that the lips and tongue cannot. This book deals with the rawest form of love, not something that we fantasise, but something that has happened or may happen to all of us.

Looking at the lovely cover of the book, I am sure that this book will be an endearing read, something that I will cherish reading and love to recommend to you guys.

Blurb of the book (as given in

'It feels like I'm on autopilot; I have no control over anything. The pain of losing you is so crippling that I can barely hold pieces of myself together. The slightest nudge could break me. But somehow, my possessed brain knows what I need. It's telling me to stick to my choice, to stay away from you, to open a Word document and bleed on paper, try to throw up all my jumbled thoughts in form of words, collect all disconnected facts, try to make sense of it all.'

From the bestselling author of Like a Love Song and Every Time It Rains, a story of heartbreak and things left unsaid...

About the author:

Nikita Singh is the bestselling author of ten novels, including Every Time It Rains and Like a Love Song. She is also a contributing writer to The Backbenchers series and the editor of two collections of short stories, 25 Strokes of Kindness and The Turning Point. Born in Patna and raised in Indore, Nikita worked in the book publishing industry in New Delhi for a few years before moving to New York for her MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) at The New School. Nikita lives in Manhattan, where she does digital content and marketing for a solar energy company.

No. of pages: 144

Price: Rs. 199

You can pre-order the book from or Flipkart


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