Book review: Praise Her, Praise Diana by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks

Author: Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks

Genre: Crime Thriller

No. of pages: 306

Published on: 5th October 2014

Published by: Melange Books, LLC

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★★☆

"This is a fundamental aspect of their belief, that while the woman protests, she secretly wants; while she cries out, it is anticipation of the most heightened ecstasy. In domination is release, purpose, a new freedom."


Jane Larson is a litigator in New York whose new client, Maggie Edwards, has written a new novel whose main protagonist is named Diana and someone is imitating this character. Just like the Diana in Maggie Edwards' novel, the person who calls herself 'Diana' starts killing off male sexual predators in the same fashion.

While Jane Larson is representing Maggie, there arises conflicts between the members of the WPW (Women Protecting Women), an organisation founded by Jane's dead mother Martha. The conflicts are regarding the latest serial killings by 'Diana'. While some of the members support 'Diana', some refuse to hail 'Diana' as a bringer of justice.

As Jane delves into the case deeper, she finds out that her client comes with a terrible past, a past that has changed her life. And if Jane does not stop 'Diana' soon, all the people she knows may be in danger. Read this intriguing story to know who 'Diana' really is and to know about her story.

About the protagonist:

This is my second Jane Larson novel and I thoroughly enjoyed her character. Jane is one of the very few literary women who fulfil the 'strong, independent woman' criteria. She is a character who is tough, unbreakable and determined. I loved how she managed both the factions of the WPW when it had its own internal conflicts. Her relationship with her client is something that the readers should watch out for.

Writing style:

Praise Her, Praise Diana by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks is a tremendously thrilling and full of terrific suspense. They husband-wife duo have excellently portrayed the violence against women and the emotional aftereffects that occur to them. The book is well researched and the legal information helps the story to build up. The book is intricately detailed and the authors have given a background story to the major characters that helps the reader's imagination to flare up.

About the book:

I am extremely glad how this book turned out to be. Though I found the book to be a bit slow paced, the story and the plot kept me occupied. This is one of a kind novel that focuses on sexual abuse and how some male sexual predators are charged with domination when they commit such crimes. Another aspect of the book that I liked is the showcase of the pent up feelings of a women who have been violently abused.

The book has a lot of violence in it which may be disturbing to some readers but nevertheless some aspects of the book caught my attention. Like, Jane's witty and sarcastic side and Maggie's vulnerable state of mind. Also, there are other characters who give different view points regarding the castration and murder in the name of 'justice' brought to the accused men by 'Diana'.

About the authors:

Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks have been collaborating on books for forty-six years.  Their first joint effort was a student project while Anne was at Bryn Mawr College and Ken attended Haverford. Since then, they have written over twenty books together. They are members of International Thriller Writers. They live and work in New York City, where many of their books are set.

Their Jane Larson series of mystery/thrillers involves a high-powered New York City attorney with a penchant for getting involved in situations that she would be better off leaving alone. These novels have been praised by reviewers for their gritty portrayals of city life, lively characters, fast action, surprise endings and highly polished prose. Jane is cynical and rebellious, but she finds herself drawn to the simple life her deceased mother lived as an attorney who served women unable to afford legal services. The series includes Weave A Murderous Web, Praise Her, Praise Diana, and Mind Me, Milady.

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