Book review: A Quest for Spring by Monica Mujumdar Dixit

Author: Monica Mujumdar Dixit

Genre: Romance

No. of pages: 402

Published by: Notion Press

Published on: 8th September in 2017

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★/5

"I can't promise you all rainbows but I can promise to shield you from the rains. I can't promise you only blooms but I will weed out the thorns from our path."


Amolika Nath is an orphan whose parents died in a curfew in the valley when Amolika was quite young. She was raised by her Kaka who is in the military. She wanted to pursue her higher education in the UK but she could do so only one condition. Before pursuing her education in the UK she would have to study a one year integrated course in St. Paul's college in Dharnidhar where she would have to keep an eye on one of her classmate, Raehan Farooque.

Amolika befriends Raehan and keeps reporting about Raehan's activities to Vikram, Amolika's Kaka's favourite cadet. Even if this is against Amolika's morale, she continues to do that until she can't do it anymore and asks her Kaka to dismiss her from the condition. But in this process, Raehan and Amolika gets close to each other and falls in love.

Falling in love does not make Amolika and Raehan's lives easy. Their faith and backgrounds stop them from being together. Soon they part their ways and meet each other sixteen years later. Will Amolika and Raehan reconcile even after their differences? Will Raehan be able to put his trust on Amolika after all these years? Will love conquer? Read this endearing book to find out.

About the book:

I got such happy memories while reading this book. The book revolves around 'love', but this love has been portrayed in such innocent and pure way. Amolika and Raehan's love story is pure. It blossoms out of mutual respect for each other. It blossoms out of friendship.

Amolika is a pretty simple girl, yet she is fierce. She won't let anything come in between herself and her dreams. She is a level headed girl who matures into a very dedicated person. This dedication is reflected in the love she holds for Raehan. Raehan is the perfect counterpart of Amolika. Raehan is kind, gentle, compassionate and faithful. Raehan is the kind of guy girls wish for. Together Raehan and Amolika worked in perfect harmony in their college days. The book speaks volumes about these two protagonist's feelings for each other. And I loved reading about these two characters.

Apart from the fundamental feelings of love and friendship, this book also talks about duty, trust and family. How family comes first before anything else is showcased in this story.

Though I feel that the plot is very bollywood and clich├ęd, where the boy meets the girl again after eons and reminisces their love story, this book is a heart touching book. It strikes certain strings in the reader's heart that the reader is unaware of. This book holds such warmth that can't be explained using words.

Another thing about the book that I would like to point is that the book is unnecessarily lengthy. In a book that has almost 400 pages, Amolika and Raehan's college love story stretches for more that the first 1/3rd of the book. There are repetitive misunderstandings between the two which are not required. This makes the book uninteresting in some places and makes the book slow paced at times.

Writing style:

A Quest for Spring is author Monica Mujumdar Dixit's debut novel. As a debutante, the author has done commendable job on this book. Her writing style is very smooth and flows delicately. There's nothing glamorous about her writing style which makes the book more down to earth. I loved how she forges her dialogues between the protagonists when they are talking about love or related things. If you ignore a couple of typos in the book, The book is a very touching read.

This book is recommended to all who believe in waiting for their loved ones, and for all those who are in love or waiting to be loved.

About the author:

Monica Mujumdar Dixit was born in Raipur and did her schooling in Bhopal and Mumbai. She went onto graduate in Commerce from the Mithibai College in Mumbai and completed her LLB degree from the prestigious ILS College, Pune. She is a lawyer by profession and has practiced at the High Court of Bombay, Nagpur bench, and also worked as a Legal Analyst with a publishing house, publishing law journals. She loves cricket, is an avid reader and also blogs movie reviews. She Lives in Nagpur with her husband Rohit and daughter, Aahana. This is her debut novel.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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