Book review: Start a Start-up from Start by Gyanesh Sahu

Author: Gyanesh Sahu

Genre: Motivational, Guide book

No. of pages: 170

Published by: Blue Rose Publishers

Published on: 15th December 2017

Format: Kindle

My rating: ★★★★☆

"I realized that no matter how tiny or feeble my dream may appear in front of the society, it still holds great importance and I shall have to fulfil it in due time."

Blurb of the book:

About the book:

Start a Start-up from Start by Gyanesh Sahu is an inspirational take on how a young man sets up his own online business thus becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. The protagonist of the story, Abhimanyu's journey will teach the readers how he tackled all the problems in his path and paved his way to success.

How Abhimanyu reaches such heights is given in a very systematic way. Like, the author indulges in charts and sometimes in bullet points. The requirements in establishing a business has been elucidated in every step in a crystal clear way. This will really help all the aspiring entrepreneurs. I really liked how the book is crisp and lucid in its language and readers who tend to read not-so complicated works will find it easy to grasp and understand.

This book has also an emotional side to its story. How Abhimanyu's better half, Shanaya, constantly stays put by his side from the very beginning is very heart-warming. Though the author has not delved into the relationship part of the story in much details, nevertheless the book gives an idea to the readers about how Abhimanyu does not let his professional life with his personal life, and how he balances both of these with commendable maturity. The book also explores certain aspects like trust, friendship and family.

The book could have been better if the author gave tiny details of the characters as one may find that the characters have not been properly developed and explored. I feel like the book is strongly focused on being used as a guide book for budding entrepreneurs so the emotional side of the book has been ignored. Originally I wanted to give three stars to this book, but I'll give it four starts because this is an essentially important book if you want to start a start-up.

Writing style:

Author Gyanesh Sahu has written a very important book. It will help all the budding entrepreneurs in gaining their self confidence and will motivate and guide them in every step. The language is easy and simple and as I already mentioned, everything has been laid out in a step-by-step manner.

About the author:

Gyanesh Sahu is a author,blogger and online entrepreneur. As well as he is pursuing PGDM from National Insurance Academy. He was CEO and founder of and and

During his entrepreneurial journey, his venture got covered by many mainstream newspapers. Apart from this, he is aspiring motivational speaker and business coach. You can follow him at and on his blog Contact Number: - 8359984447, 7987780564. Email –

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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