Book review: Aqson Level 1 by Sreejib

Author: Sreejib

Genre: Fantasy fiction

No. of pages: 428

Published by: Notion Press

Published on: 11th July 2016

Format: Kindle version

My rating: ★★★★☆

"If the identity of a loved one doesn’t affect your feelings for them, then why is your identity affecting your feelings for yourself? The sense of duty, respect, love, and care you show to your loved ones, extend that to yourself as well. Because, the first person to whom you owe everything, is you.”


Aqson Level 1 by Sreejib is a fantasy fiction where God, Lucifer and Angels exist. Whenever there is a conflict between the two greatest angels - God and Lucifer, about who will have ownership over the creation of Nature, a game is played between the two. Each of the sides get to pick their own colour that will represent themselves and the colours determine the name of the game. Such games are played over years or even centuries. One such game, that started in the year 1998 and will last for 30 years, is 'Aqson', where God has chosen the colour aqua to represent his team and Lucifer has chosen the colour crimson.

The goal of this game is to become the Prime Minister of India within a time span of 30 years. Both the teams have their respective angels to play the game using 'Weapons' that are immortal humans who will fight to become the Prime Minister of India. While Team Lucifer's Guardian angel Vanraj has already placed his Weapon Yuvrani Rathore, a young 20 years old president of a political party in Delhi, in the game; Team God's angel Job is yet to reveal his Weapons. Though Vanraj and Yuvrani have their suspicions on Toya Mahapatra and her group of friends AJ, Goenka, Ollie, Arpita and Rahul (who have suddenly become popular by establishing a student's political party in West Bengal), the revelations do not take place until the very end of the book.

About the book:

Firstly, I would like to thank the author for writing a one such fantasy book based in India. For the likes of people who have grown up reading dystopia and fantasy books such as The Hunger Games or Harry Potter or The Mortal Instruments, this is the perfect book in the Indian setting.

Taking mythology and mixing it up with fantasy is a real hard task, but the author has done a commendable job. The book has action and suspense with a lot and lot of humour. I laughed at Toya and her friends' hilarious antics and exchanges. And each of the characters have something to tell the readers about human nature and friendship. The variety of personas in the book gives a multifarious perspective to the book.

Taking into consideration that the story has a lot of complicated issues, mostly the rules of the game and the various political agendas mentioned, the book is gripping and a page turner. It has that 'what happens next' element in it and I thoroughly enjoyed all the guess works I had to do while reading it because I was intrigued.

This is truly a one of a kind novel that needs to be enjoyed by all fantasy lovers.

Writing style:

While I loved the story and all, I want to complain a wee bit about the narration style. The main thing about it is the fact that the author switched from first person narrative to third person narrative a lot. The narrative changed within the chapters itself and it honestly confused me a lot.

Other than the above mentioned part, I loved the author's dialogue writing capabilities. The comic exchanges between Ollie and Toya are something that the readers should look forward to.

I enjoyed reading Aqson Level 1 and I am sure you would too.

About the author:

Sreejib is Koel Ganguli’s pseudonym.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Koel completed her masters in Mass Communication and got into creative writing.
In spite of being a firm believer in the reality of fantasy, she finds the concept of gods too far fetched and chooses not to believe in it.
She likes to watch videos on carpentry, read fiction, eat rolls and Nutella and fears that religions will cause the ultimate apocalypse, soon.

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