February 2018 Wrap Up

February was a really good reading month for me compared to the previous month. I got to read 9 books in total. Even though 8 of the books I read this month were review copies nonetheless I enjoyed reading them.

So here goes my list of books I read in February 2018:


A Quest for Spring by Monica Mujumdar Dixit

A very sweet love story that deals with friendship, trust and innocence. I enjoyed reading this but the book was a bit too long. Read my review here.


Wheels of Wish by Bibhu Datta Rout 

A Mythological thriller with a lot of information and theories revolving around the Sun Temple of Konark and the Jangannatha Temple of Puri. Could have been a good thriller but failed to impress me. Read my review here.


The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri 

My favourite read of the month and the only book that wasn't a review copy. I loved this book so much. Such brutally honest and endearing read. I am not going to ever forget about this book. Y'all should definitely add it to your reading list if you haven't read it yet.


8 Hours by Upendra Namburi 

This book is a Suspense novel Thai centred around the corporate world. This is a good book but I faced a lot of problems with the book because most of the technical terms were unknown to me as I am not someone from the commerce background. Read my review here.


The Wind Beneath His Wings by Swati Lahoti 

An extremely useful educational book written by a mother who reminisces the time and effort she spent on her son when he was preparing for his IIT JEE exams. Read my review here.


Praise Her, Praise Diana by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks 

This was a very intriguing crime thriller with a really badass female protagonist. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. Read my review here.


Start a Start-up from Start by Gyanesh Sahu 

This book is about a budding online entrepreneur and his journey towards success. I found this book to be a very useful resource for all budding entrepreneurs. Read my review here.


Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kochery C. Shibu 

An heart warming read about simple men and their simple dreams and their fight for their existence. This is another book that I read this month that was way too long than needed. But I loved what the book has to offer. Read my review here.


If I Had to Tell It Again by Gayathri Prabhu 

This is my second most favourite read of this month. A gut-wrenching memoir from the author about her relationship with her father and how she battled her depression. I loved reading this book. Read my review here.

So this was it, my monthly wrap up. Do share with me about your reading list this month in the comments below. I don't know how many books will I be able to read in March and April since I have my Final exams but I'll surely update about it in my blog. :) 



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