Book review | Hope and Sunshine by Debasmita Nath Ghosh

Author: Debasmita Nath Ghosh

Genre: Romance 

No. of pages: 170

Published on: 1st January 2018 

Published by: Power Publishers 

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Naina Grover has an imperfectly perfect life, or is it perfectly imperfect? A Punjabi kudi from Delhi working in the city of joy, Kolkata is joined by her crazy cousin, Arjun and his sober friend Aditya to come of age while at a long - distance relationship which seems to be going nowhere. She knows it is a recipe for disaster but should she let go or not? Should she hope for the best? Hope she will be accepted?Hope she can settle down? Hope she can come to terms with a family secret bothering her for years now? Just hope. Keep hoping? And then, Hope welcomes a ray of sunshine. Naina welcomes you to look at life from her perspective. 'Hop'e On!'

The story starts when a handsome and charming Bengali boy named Aditya joins Naina's office in the HR department. Naina is obviously charmed by him but she controls her feelings as she is already in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Ved. But Ved's family and their values contradict those of Naina's and that's why Naina can't put her whole heart into the relationship. Moreover, the long distance relationship has made Ved distant from Naina and for Ved, it is difficult to stand up against his family even when his mother expressed her dislike towards Naina. 

Naina is very close to her cousin Arjun, and after she comes to know that Aditya and Arjun are best friends, the three of them starts hanging out together always. Soon, Naina and Aditya's relationship deepens and they become best of friends sharing their secrets and fears. But considering Naina's relationship with Ved, neither of them wants more than friendship. 

Hope and Sunshine by Debasmita Nath Ghosh is a simple tale of rediscovering love.

Naina is a bubbly Punjabi girl who is living and working in Kolkata. She has whole-heartedly accepted the Bengali culture and cuisine. Her maternal cousin brother Arjun is Bengali since Naina's aunt (and Arjun's mother) married a Bengali man, and so Naina could embrace the culture. So the cultural perspective and Naina's feelings towards this out group culture has been well depicted in the book. Some of Kolkata's best eateries and clubs have been mentioned in the book which gives a Bengali spark to the book. Being a Bengali myself, I could totally relate to the customs followed by Aditya and Arjun's families and the book has some typical Bengali dialogues which made me guffaw. 

The book has an interesting take on a romantic blossoming of love. While most other romance novels have an unrealistic story where the girl and boy falls in love and lots of clich├ęd hardships later they confess their love for each other, Hope and Sunshine realistically shows the unavoidable cons of a long distance relationship. Naina and Ved have their difficulties in maintaining their relationship and the author has done a commendable job in showcasing those difficulties. 

I also loved the trio's fun filled getaways and parties. Naina, Arjun and Aditya are very relatable. Arjun is a quirky yet protective brother and whenever Arjun denies Naina anything, Aditya comes to reason with Arjun. So I loved how these three showed their love and affection for each other.

The story has a good pace but I felt a bit disappointed when the plot just skipped parts. Like their were times when I felt that the author could have incorporated a bit more. It was a okay story since I felt that the book lacked that magic of a romance novel. Aditya and Naina definitely has feelings for each other, and the readers know that's obvious even if the book does not mention it properly, but I would have rather preferred if the author explored their feelings. It would have given me a closure that romance novels are supposed to give. 

I would recommend it to anyone who are sucker for unconventional romance novels. This is a perfect summer read, enjoy it beside a beach or a poolside and hop on with this light read. 

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I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset.


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