Book review | Let Me Be Your Puppet Once by Preetika Mehra

Author: Preetika Mehra

Genre: Political Thriller, Crime Thriller

No. of pages: 316

Published by: Notion Press

Published on: 21st April 2018

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★★☆

Losing their faith in the System, a group of MNC-employed youngsters decide to take revenge on some politicians and businessmen after having suffered at their hands. Their master plan also exposes the connections of the powerful with the rich, of the mafia with politicians and of those who exploited the poor. All this leads to a war. A war that had never happened.

The Chief of Intelligence had never dealt with such brilliant people who were entangling him in multiple versions of events. After a while, he is unable to differentiate between the real and planted evidence. The clock is ticking. The media is on adrenaline.

The Chief is faced with several questions. How did it all happen? Will he be able to solve the case? Can he get the accused politicians acquitted? Should he find an escape for himself amidst the turmoil?

It's time he found the answers!

Saima, Karan, Vedica and Josh live their lives in merriment as they are just-out-of-the-college bankers. But their lives turn topsy-turvy when Saima's little sister, Meghna, is discovered dead in her own house. Soon Saima discovers that Meghna wanted to unveil the corrupted side of her father's works and how he extracted land by using brutal force on poor farmers. In this process, the Chief Minister of UP and the Cabinet Minister comes to know about Meghna's little work and decides to eliminate her. 

Meanwhile, when the four friends go on a road trip to Lonavala, the Chief Minister and the Cabinet Ministers sons try to force themselves on Saima and Vedica. Somehow they escape from being assaulted and with the help of Josh and Karan, they go to the police to file a FIR. But the police blatantly refuses to file a complaint because the accused belong to influential family.

Disgusted with the political system, the four friends decide to bring justice to Meghna and themselves by taking matters into their own hands. Thus begins a cat and mouse chase, between them and the politicians. But Josh, Karan, Vedica and Saima are always two steps ahead and are cunningly planting false evidences throughout the country to mislead the police.

The adrenaline rush I felt while reading this book is real. This is a complete page turner. The best thing that I loved about this book is its brilliance. This has a well presented and researched plot. The impeccable twists and turns planted by the author managed to confuse me so well. This is a perfect political thriller. 

The book is also intricately detailed. The author gives a thorough background of each of the characters. Not only the characters, but also the background of their familial circumstances. Though it got a little boring at times, I feel it was necessary to bring justice to each of the characters' personality. So the characters are well sketched and very unique to each other. Sometimes there are these little interactions between them which shows how close the four friends are and how they feel about each other. 

Another thing that I loved about this book is that it has the capability to boil your blood. I mean, all of us know how dirty politics can work at times. But here, the author spins up such realistic tidbits about corruption and the twisted system that it gets to your nerves. I think that's what good books should do. They should have the power to unnerve you, and this book exactly does that. 

The writing style is simple. But the author, at some parts, unexpectedly switched from first person narrative to second person narrative. It was a bit strange to keep up with it. Also, sometimes secondary characters are referred to as 'the guy' or 'the mother'. I don't really like it when characters are referred informally, but this doesn't hamper the flow of the story. This is completely my perspective. But the plot and the thrilling race for life made it up. 

This is the perfect racy political thriller with a lot of mind-boggling revelations. 

Preetika is a 1990-born, Economics Graduate from the University of Delhi. She completed her MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) Delhi in 2016 and is currently working with an MNC in Chennai, India.

Since her childhood, she has been passionate about social structures, economic policies and philosophy, analyzing and finding connections in all of them. In her free time, she loves reading and learning about Zodiac signs, practicing yoga, and cooking.

I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset.


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