Book review | Social Love by Adbhut Gupta

Author: Adbhut Gupta

Genre: Romance

No. of pages: 185

Published by: Notion Press

Published on: 7th August 2017 

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★☆☆☆

Abeer, a sixteen year old introvert had a life more like a hell, until a new chapter called Ayesha took place as his new classmate and Amaya as his best friend. Abeer wanted to spell those magical words to Ayesha but he didn't. 

In college, again they both had an unexpected encounter but then also a thing happened, this time maybe for a life time amend. 

Abeer decided to take a different path in order to earn his love not to trap it with the assistance of Amaya- it was to be someone so that Ayesha could run after. 

Abeer decided to focus on his dreams to build his own empire of hotels and joined this infinite race to become a man with a personality. Meanwhile, an NRI from Dubai updates the news of his marriage to Ayesha which isn't even familiar to Ayesha. 

Abeer had to choose between his love and dreams, which he weighted equally. 

This is a motivational love story with some unconventional twists and bold decisions. 

What Abeer did? Why did he choose his dreams? Who was that NRI? What about Amaya? What is this story all about? Will they get married?

Considering that this book is the debut novel of a seventeen year old author, I'll say that this was a pretty good try. The book has been written with a good message, or with a noble thought, you may say. Instead of focusing on chasing his first love, Abeer chooses to focus on building his empire of hotels. But if I compare this book with other books I've read I would say that this book did not strike a chord with me at all. What went wrong with all of this is the fact that the female protagonist of the book is completely unreliable. First, Ayesha chooses another boy over Abeer but as soon as she finds out that Abeer has built his career, she switches lane's and completely falls in love with Abeer. The weird thing is that Abeer does not even realise that. The book does not show Abeer acknowledging this sudden change in Ayesha, but if this happened in reality, I'm pretty sure people would avoid that kind of a girl or boy. Second, the author does not convey to his readers what kind of a person Ayesha actually it. He focused on Ayesha's appearance and the book mentions a couple of times where Abeer is completely blown away by her appearance and her milky skin tone. I would have preferred if I got to know more about her personality, her likes and dislikes and her little habits. It seemed to me the Abeer fell in love with her in the first place just because she looks beautiful and nothing else.

I was pretty much liking Abeer's introverted character and his secret liking for Ayesha, whereas Ayesha was unaware of Abeer's love for her (though I would hate her if she existed in real life). The character development went downhill. I know the author wanted Abeer to be turned into a career-oriented character, but for me, Abeer was still like a boy smitten with Ayesha till the end of the story.

Now coming to the story, there are a few things that I disliked. First of all, the plot. Very clich├ęd and predictable. The story also lacked emotions. I could not completely feel how Abeer felt. The book has been written in a very objective way. Like, the author has mentioned branded watches, and cars and other accessories throughout the book without any significance. It only shows that the author has a knowledge of these brands and does not know how to input them in the story. There are also quite a few grammatical mistakes like 'didn't saw' in the book and other editorial typos. The only thing that I liked about this book is Amaya, Abeer's best friend. I wanted Abeer to realise that Amaya was suited for him, not Ayesha. But Abeer went after a girl whose character lacks substance and originality. Amaya was the only likable character in the book and I was reading this book only for Amaya's appearances in the plot.

Adbhut Gupta is a seventeen year old young boy who loves to write, sing, act and lot more. After his massive success on his active blogs he decided to take his poems and stories to the next level by writing a novel to reach a more generous audience. He loves to play guitar, piano, sing, act, dance and he is also a district level Tae-kwon-do player. He wants to reach out to people to make them view stories from his point of view. He loves to watch movies and also made a short film out one of his own short stories on Youtube. His poems got also published in his school magazines and various high rated newspapers.

You can follow Adbhut on social media like Facebook, Instagram,Youtube and Twitter @adbhutgupta!

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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