August 2018 Wrap Up

August has been a really hectic month for me. That's the reason I could read just 4 books. I had to move to a new city, and I and to run here and there for my admission and I was in this constant anxious state due to which I could not read books nor watch anime. So the four books I managed to read are:

1. Social Love by Adbhut Gupta

A love story that originates while in school and ends after the boy gets a job. This was a mediocre and very clich├ęd love story. But a good attempt by a 17 year old author.

Read my review here.

2. Let You Be My Puppet Once by Preetika Mehra

This was a really cool political thriller about how 4 friends defy the system and cleverly seeks revenge. I enjoyed this book.

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3. Chanakya ( Itihasa series book 1) by Ashok K. Banker.

I started reading this book on board a flight and finished it in a couple of days. This book intrigued me from the first page itself. The first book in the series is a fictional story about a young Chanakya. I'm eager to read the other books in the series.

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4. The Vegetarian by Han Kang

I read the translated (by Deborah Smith) version of Han Kang's Korean novel and it ABSOLUTELY BLEW MY MIND. I mean how did even someone think about a concept such as that. You all need to go to Amazon/Goodreads and check out the book ASAP!

So these were my August reads. I'll be up with my September reads too, soon. :) Till then, happy reading!


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