I went to the Books-by-weight sale in Bangalore

The Booksbyweight sale by the book shop of the same name, from Mumbai, was held in Bangalore from 7th September (Friday) to 10th September (Monday) at Sri Gururaja Kalyana Mantap. The timings were from 9 AM in the morning to 8 PM in the evening.

I went there straight from college at around 3 PM with two of my friends (one of them not at all fond of reading and the other one a reader, but not as crazy as me) with a big bag and lots of cash. XD

So guess how many books I got? A total of 10 books at just Rs. 370. The books were priced according to their demand and popularity. Like popular fiction like Agatha Christie's books and Lee Child's books were being sold at 200 per KG and classics like Jane Austen's Mansfield Park was being sold at 300 per KG. Not so popular and underrated authors books were at 100 per KG. But if you search carefully, you'll get gems out of the piles. I had a really really good time hunting for the books and luckily I found Robert Galbraith's Career of Evil and Arvind Adiga's The White Tiger, books that I have kept in my cart in Amazon since ages because the price refused to slice down. I was really overjoyed to see 4 long tables filled with books, ranging from culinary books to children's books, awaiting me to explore them. I really don't know how my other 2 friends felt but I was like this happy little kid sliding from table to table picking up books and reading their blurbs. There were leather bound books too, but I did not explore those.

Guys, give the Facebook page of Booksbyweight a follow so that you get a heads up about where they are going to host their sale next. They have been to Pune and Bangalore a few weeks ago and I guess they will be going to host it in Mumbai's Churchgate next. And anyone, who's reading this, give me a heads up about any such events in Bangalore (if you know about it). ;) 


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