Book review | We Never Know by Bhumika Monani

Author: Bhumika Monani

Genre: Drama, Romance 

No. of pages: 118

Published by: Half Baked Beans 

Published on: 26th August 2018 

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★☆☆☆

Jigisha, hailing from the small city of Ajmer, and a fresher at St. Edmunds College, has a lot in store for her for the next three years of her life. 

Would her friendship with Sushant and love for Nikhil turn her into a different person? Or would she gain a new perspective on life? 

Will the iterations of ever changing circumstances leave her high and dry?

Read this gripping saga that will take you back to your college days and make you nostalgic.

Jigisha is a small town girl whose story starts with her first day in St. Edmund's College. On her first day in College, she accidentally meets Nikhil and he asks her out for a date. They regularly start going out even though Jigisha's first friend in college warns her about Nikhil and his group of friends. But Jigisha pays no heed to Sushant and falls in love with Nikhil. Soon, Nikhil ditches her saying that it was all part of a bet and tells her that she should have not taken the relationship seriously.

A heartbroken Jigisha finds her solace in Sushant and he tells her his story. Even Sushant had been dumped by Nikhil's cousin, Avantika. In fact, Nikhil and Avantika and their group of friends are the meanest group in college who are always up to no good. Jigisha and Sushant forms their own group of friends, all of whom have been tormented by Nikhil and his friends at some point of time.

This is Jigisha's story of ups and downs in college and how, amidst all fake friends, Jigisha finds her way to the end.

The book starts out all right. But after 2-3 chapters it loses track. This book has a really simple and clich├ęd college story which has no direction. I expected it to be some thriller, judging from the cover, but it has no essence to it.

I have read enough college romance stories and thrillers and dramas. But this book belonged to no proper genre. It was neither romance not a story about vengeance. It simply started out with a heartbreak in college, and ended  up with everyone leaving the college after farewell. It did not even have a proper ending. I just kept reading the book just because I was looking forward to a twist or something. But the story just fell flat.

The characters also didn't have any structure. I failed to understand what kind of a girl Jigisha is. Whether she is weak or strong or simply naive, is not clear. Even when Nikhil plays with her feelings and publicly humiliates her, Jigisha starts falling for him again  towards the end of the book. But then again, the author does not tell the readers whether Jigisha ends up being with Nikhil or not. Its just that Jigisha is reminiscing her time in college. That's it. Nothing eventful occurs in the story, nothing that would add meaning to what is actually going on. Sushant seemed to be a good guy at first, but again he fights with Jigisha for pretty reasons that made me think how stupid the characters are. 

The author tried to put 3 years' worth of college life story in a 100 something book which made it really compact. Honestly, the writing style failed to impress me. It did not impact me at all. I wanted to read about the subjective feelings of the characters. I didn't want to read about just Jigisha feeling sad, I wanted to read more about the turmoil going inside her head. The book just fails to connect emotionally to the readers. 

Also, the grammar. There were lots of grammatical errors in the book. I don't know whether they are editorial or not, but they sure exist throughout the book. Sample this line, 'Cab halts right in front of open black gates.' What sort of an emotion should this line evoke out of me? This line simply looks like a faint  scribble on a play's manuscript. Also, the author used words like 'flied' which does not even exist in the English vocabulary. Ignoring the grammatical side of the book, it was an okay read for me. 

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I received a copy of the book from the publishers in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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