Book review | Booming Brands by Harsh Pamnani

Booming Brands

Author: Harsh Pamnani

Genre: Non-fiction 

No. of pages: 245

Published by: TV18 Broadcast Limited (CNBC18 TV18) 

Published on: 1st January 2018 

Format: Hardcover

My rating: ★★★★✩

In today’s changing, competitive and crowded marketplace, building an admirable brand has become one of the toughest and most important tasks for entrepreneurs and marketers. Moreover, many marketing strategies that used to work in the past are becoming obsolete today. If you are looking for answers to burning questions such as:

1. How were new age admirable brands created from scratch? 
2. How did these brands achieve popularity in a highly crowded and competitive market?
3. How did entrepreneurs behind these brands identify new opportunities and create million-dollar markets?

Then Booming Brands is a gold mine of information that you can’t afford to ignore. The lessons derived from the hard-earned success of these 11 Indian brands from multiple industries and domains, can help you carve out your own journey and brand strategy.

Booming Brands by Harsh Pamnani is a Non-fiction, breaking down the formation mechanisms of 11 leading brands in India. The book includes brands such as BYJU's, FirstCry, Zomato, BookMyShow, and 6 other brands. Harsh Pamnani has laid out the success stories of the CEO's and the Founders of these brands to give his readers a better perspective on how to boom their own brands. Booming Brands can also be seen as a intricately researched case study of the baby steps period of these brands that gives us a clear picture of these brands, to understand it better and to appreciate the hardwork put behind these brands. 

The book is physically attractive, and I will give bonus points for that. The cover shows the caricatures of the founders of the brands mentioned in the book. If budding entrepreneurs get hold of this book, the first thing that would strike them is the confident caricatured faces (common knowledge says that your face gets caricatured only if you are a famous personality). Jokes apart, cover would make you want to turn the pages. And once you open the book, you'll get to know about its behind the scenes. 

The author has sectioned the book into 11 chapters, each of them dedicated to one brand. The chapters starts off with first-hand introductory advises from the author and then he goes on to describe the story of building of a brand from its scratch. The author deftly narrates the founders' struggles, then the initial success or the failure story, then the branding, then he talks about the investments and the fundings, then he talks about how the founders reached their target consumers and then the stable growth of the brands. In some of the brands such as Zomato, Jayashree, Elephant designs and Su-Kam, it was interesting to read about how the founders came up with their Start-up's names. In some (like Goli's Vada Pav), it was interesting to read about the comeback after an initially failed plan. The author deconstructs these success stories and presents them on a platter for instilling inspiration. 

Taking into account the target audience of this book, I found it relatively mediocre. I would have had preferred if the author had approached a more story-telling kind of a narration and not a formal sort of a narration. The author has incorporated 'take-away' advices from each and every step that the founder of the given brand took, in his book. But as I said, considering that the book has been written solely with the purpose of inspiring and motivating incipient businessmen and entrepreneurs, the 'take-away' advices will be really helpful. 

If one searches, one will find hundreds of books talking about the success stories of world famous Start-up's. But to have a book that talks about Indian brands and their success stories is a rarity. Pick up this book if you are intrigued to know how these Indian brands boomed (like I was). 

Harsh Pamnani is a marketer with over 12 years of experience with start-ups as well as large organizaorganizations. His articles on marketing strategies and entrepreneurship have appeared in leading business publications including Forbes, Advertising Age, Business World, Economic Times, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Firstpost, Information Week and Retail.

Harsh is also the curator of iPamnani, a non-commercial initiative with the mission to inspire people through fascinating stories and path-breaking ideas of business leaders. Harsh earned his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from IET-DAVV, Indore and MBA at XLRI, Jamshedpur.

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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