Book review | Neverfound Land by Durriya Kapasi

Neverfound Land

Author: Durriya Kapasi

Genre: Fantasy fiction, Adventure

No. of pages: 169

Published by: Half Baked Beans Publishing

Published on: 22nd November 2018

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Neverfound Land's story succeeds Once Upon A Genie's plot. The story continues after Khalil, the Genie leaves Daisy, a human, because of the discrepancies between the human and the genie world. But soon after Khalil leaves, Daisy discovers that she's pregnant with Khalil's son. Daisy's best friend Darren and she decides to raise the son up and their own son. Solomon grows up knowing that Daisy and Darren are his parents. But unbeknownst to him his genie powers start to show up as he grows up. 

When Solomon goes on a college trip to Cairo where strange things keep happening to him and a fortune-teller kidnaps him. Somehow he escapes him and comes back to his parents and asks them to tell him the truth about his lineage. Soon he comes to know about the truth, but moments later Darren gets kidnapped. 

Solomon comes to know that his father has been kidnapped by Rasmas, a Muhawid genie who wants to take over Khalil's kingdom, as well as the human world. With the help of his biological genie-uncle Azeez and a kind doctor, Sheikh Ibrahim and his neice Mariya, Solomon tries to get back his father from Rasmas's clutches and restore peace in Neverfound Land, the genies' land, again. 

I read Durriya Kapasi's first book a year ago and ever since I read that cute story about a human and a genie, I've been wanting to know what happens next. I was actually wanting to read about Daisy and Khalil, but when I started reading I discovered that it was about their son Solomon. So that came as a pleasant surprise. 

I liked how the author gives an introductory chapter about Daisy's life after Khalil from Daisy's perspective. So readers who haven't read the first book wouldn't have any problem relating to the story. 

I remember liking the first story because it had an interesting backdrop, but Neverfound Land lacks it. I found it a bit juvenile. The usual good guy fights the evil guy with the help of a few secondary characters sort of a story. I wish it had drama in it. Also, the book was pretty fast. The emotions of the character portrays little depth. The details lacking and too many things happening in the same time. The book could have been an amazing fantasy book if the book had been 300 something pages long. Dramatization would have spiced it up. 

Durriya Kapasi's writing style is for the masses. Not too decorative or fancy. It's plain, simple and to the point. Her books are perfect for people who ant to try out reading for the first time. 

Pick up this book for a short, interesting fantasy read. 

Durriya Kapasi is an author of Neverfound Land, her second novel that is also a sequel of her first bestselling book Once Upon A Genie. She’s a Creative Writing teacher, foodie and traveler. Durriya is a cancer survivor and contributes in motivating and encouraging cancer patients through support groups.

I received a copy of the book from the Publishers in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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