December 2018 Wrap Up

I couldn't read a single book in November due to my sickness and college exams. So here's my December wrap up. December was full of tiring college activities and assignments and paper presentations. Also I went on a vacation for a week so I could manage reading just 4 books in December. Here they are:

1. Once Upon An IAS Exam by K. Vijayakarthikeyan

This was a quick, entertaining read. There were funny moments and this was an overall easy breezy read. Read my review here.

2. Booming Brands by Harsh Pamnani 

This was a Nonfiction book. This book delineates the behind the scenes of 12 major Indian brands. I liked this book as this was quite informative and the way it is presented by the author is interesting. Read my review here.

3. Neverfound Land by Durriya Kapasi

A fantasy book. This is the sequel to Once Upon A Genie which I has read a long time back. To be honest, this book did not appeal me as much as the prequel did. This was kind of disappointing. Read my review here.

4. Nine Nights of the Goddess Edited by Caleb Simmons, Moumita Sen and Hillary Rodrigues

This was yet another Nonfiction read and I honestly loved reading it. Immensely informative and precise with a holistic approach towards Navaratri/Durga Puja, I recommend this book strongly to people who want to know better about this festival. Read my review on Writersmelon.

So these were my December 2018 reads. 


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