My 2019 New Year Resolutions

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New year and new hopes. This blog post is dedicated to my new year resolution. I usually don't make one because there's nothing I can resolve in one day, neither can I stick to resolutions. But this year I've made one. Umm, three actually. The basis of my resolutions are mainly due to my frustration at not being able to read books as I had intended to.

Being a book reviewer is a hard task. I had initially started out as a reviewer because I wanted to read more and more and write about them. But it's not as easy as it seems so. Often than not I am stuck to reading genres that I don't like at all. Or the same old cheesy wannabe classic romance novels. But I have discovered gems while reviewing. There has been review books that I loved to its core. Now coming to the main reason behind my resolutions... reading review books one after another gave me a reader's block. I couldn't read books that are in my TBR. I couldn't read books that would totally engross or make me have dreams about it. So I came up with some absolutely 'necessary' resolutions.

1. I want to/would explore books from different countries. Be it historical fiction, or contemporary, or literary fiction, or romance, I would read it. Obviously I would pick one with a good plot. The reason behind this resolution is I wouldn't restrict myself to just exploring American or British culture. I want to explore the culture of the world through reading. Especially African countries and South-East Asian countries. So anyone reading this, if you have any suggestions (if its available in Amazon or Flipkart), leave a comment below.

2. My second resolution is to read more books that are already in my TBR than review copies in each month of 2019. In this way I can make sure that my books don't keep piling up and make me feel terribly bad. Also, it will help me out from my reader's block. I have already started this and it's really helping me out. Also, I would make sure that I don't read books from the same genre one after another.

3. This one is a really stupid one because I am pretty sure I won't stick to this. And my last but not the least resolution is... not to waste time surfing the net. I'm sure I'll suck at this because every little time I get I open Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest. I get my daily dose of BTS news from Twitter, books related contents in Instagram, cute toddlers, food and BTS videos from YouTube and artsy fanarts, memes, BTS and bookshelf pictures from Pinterest. So it's like impossible that I would follow it. Still it's worth the try.

I wrote this whole post during my 40 minutes bus ride to me college. I guess I'm already trying to follow my 3rd resolution. Anyway, I hope writing this almost long post would help me get into my resolutions seriously. Wish anyone who's reading this a Happy New Year! May your year go amazingly and may you be fabulous this year. Share anything, or any wishes you want to down below. Till then, Happy Reading fellas! 


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