Mini Book Review | The Tide Turner by Angela McAllister

My first read of the year in The Tide Turner and I must say I absolutely enjoyed it. Since this is a book that I did not receive for review purposes, I will be writing a mini review only. Just to make sure I convey about this book to you so that you guys can decide for yourself whether to read it or not.

I picked this book up in a sale, thinking that it would be a children's fantasy fiction. I wanted to read it as a refresher, but damn... I was so mistaken. The book has a dark, mysterious undertone to it. So naturally I, for myself, upgraded the book's genre from 'children's fantasy' to 'dark fantasy'. It's not that dark though, as I make it sound like. XD

The book's description in Goodreads says as follows - 'Cal has always lived in the half dark, her life shrouded by secrets she longs to know the answers to. But on the day she sets off to uncover the truth she is swept up in a current of strange events.'

I want to keep it as that, because if I start saying anything more about the book, it might well as be a spoiler. Since this book has lots, and by lots I mean lots, of revelations. Some of which starts from the third chapter itself. The book has a whole different world, a world mostly made of mermaids and magical sea creatures, in layman's terms. But you have to read this book to explore it for yourself. You need to. You might me disappointed or surprised, depends on your preferences, but this is no doubt a magical read. 


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