Book review | Suvarna Mohur by Arun Ramamurthy

Author: Arun Ramamurthy

Genre: Non-fiction 

No. of pages: 86

Published by: Notion Press 

Published on: 1st January 2018 

Format: Hardcover 

My rating: ★★★★☆

Suvarna Mohur is a coffee table book where India’s history is expressed through a different perspective – it’s rare coins. Coins provide not only evidence of trade and economy but also bear testimony to the history, politics and art of a nation. 

Suvarna Mohur traces India’s history from the time the first coins were minted about 2500 years ago. Our political and social landscape has changed significantly from century to century with each successive period enriching our ancient civilisation and making it a more diverse country than it ever has been. Such diversity is also reflected in India’s coinage. Ranging from punch-marked types to rather uniquely shaped octagonal ones, from the world’s largest coins to the smallest ones, from coins used for everyday transactions to much sought after ones that were used as jewellery and from resplendent gold coins to the more ubiquitous copper varieties; India’s coins are not just a collector’s delight but also serve to illuminate our magnificent culture. The remarkable history of an epoch appears to spring to life when viewed in conjunction with the coinage representing that era. 

Suvarna Mohur, while charting India’s history over the millennia, presents a bouquet of 133 rare coins which, in the author’s opinion, are best illustrative of our country’s antiquity, ethos and traditions.

This huge books illustrates India's glorious history through coins. This informative book starts from the age of barter, during the Indus Valley civilization, and sketches the history through all the eras, ending in the post-independence age. The author shows how deftly he portrayed the historical events of India alongside the coins minted in each era and their importance. The author delineates the coins' background and how those evolved into the coins we all use today. 

The author's in-depth research and knowledge reflects in this book. It's richly illustrated to make it look interesting. It has glossy pages and artworks all over it. This book is a treasure. I loved running my fingers over the pages and turning to the different bits and pieces that interested me. 

Written in a very crisp and straight forward manner, this book is an enjoyable read. Especially if you are a coin collector. I loved how the author breezily covers the entire Indian history within a 100 pages. Thanks to the author's approach towards this special book, he has kept it short, devoting colorful and artful background pictures and corresponding pictures of coins belonging to the era the author is talking about. The book is in a chronological manner with beautiful and ethereal pictures by Darshini Lal.

This book will be a precious addition to your collection, a Non-fiction book that you will definitely pique your interests.

I received this book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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