Mini Book Review | A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Finally I got to read this masterpiece. Though it's not Christmas season now, reading A Christmas Carol makes me want to eat cake. Yup!

Maybe I loved Oliver Twist so much that I am being unbiased towards A Christmas Carol or maybe I am not that fond of classics so I didn't like it that much.

But did I enjoy reading it? Heck yes I did! A Christmas Carol is a justifiable Christmas read. Who wouldn't want to be a little encouraged by a book in the festive season. Encouraged to be a good person, be happy with one's family and friends, help others a bit, or be in a jolly mood.

Not only encouragement, but Charles Dickens gives his readers a food for thought about why they shouldn't be a pain in the a** and not crib about everything in the world. What a man!


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