Mini Book Review | Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult

I feel empty. That's how I feel now. Right after finishing the book. All my happy emotions have been drenched out of me. This book emotionally drained me.

This book is about a family. A family where the youngest daughter Willow, has a genetic disease called osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease, and as the name suggests, that disease causes collagen damage, making the bones twisted and soft and easily breakable. Willow's mother, Charlotte and her father, Sean, somehow get through the expenses of treating Willow. So when Charlotte comes across a chance where she can get money by suing her obstetrician for medical malpractice, she finds light for Willow's future. But in this process she'll hurt her best friend, Piper, who is the obstetrician she's suing. And also, she'll have to lie to the world that she would have had aborted Willow if she knew about her condition while she was pregnant.

This was my first Jodi Picoult pick and I'm glad I picked it. I'm not fond of the ending, but I loved this book since the very first page. It kept me hooked and made me go through an emotional roller coaster ride.

This book is all about family. How Charlotte's decision slowly wrecked the family. Not to forget, how Willow's older sister, Amelia, quietly endured the pain of being unattended by the family. How Willow's condition did not deter Willow's mother, father and sister from loving her too much. 

There were places where the book literally broke my heart. Like broke it and smashed into tiny little pieces. Given the fact that Jodi Picoult's books have chapters for each character's first person narration, it helped me grasp the how their characters are and how much they loved Willow. The writing style is very unique too. It's like each character is telling Willow why they did certain things for Willow's well being, for Willow's happiness, and how their lives revolved around Willow. 

Willow's condition is something I had no idea about. But this book educated me. And this book educated me not only about a medical condition that I did not know before, but also educated me about family dynamics.

This one was a lovely book. It made my eyes water, it broke me and after I finished it it's haunting me. It's THAT kind of a book. 


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