Mini Book Review | The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood's

What the heck did I just read? The ending? Whaaaaat? How am I supposed to live like this?

I kid you not, but The Handmaid's Tale is scary. Literally scary. You have these heart racing moments where you just can't leave the book for even a second and then when the particular event passes away you go like 'phewwwww!' It's mind boggling. It messes up your head. Now I know why there's such a hype about this classic.

Margaret Atwood's creates this unimaginable yet realistic dystopian world where women are used just for breeding. Just for breeding? When the world order disrupts due to some radiation leakage and due to toxic leakages, babies being born into this new world turn out to be defected. In a when-religion-messes-with-science situation, married women who have had healthy babies once or more than that, are torn away from their families to be used as surrogate mothers. It's not the surrogacy that we know about. It's more deformed and twisted than that. And you need to read about it. This is a world where love does not exist, freedom does not exist, smiles and laughter does not exist, only rules and fear of death exists. 

Through this book, Margaret Atwood has portrayed the underlying patriarchy that still exists today. Women's oppression, men's views of women as a baby making machine, even the omnipresent divisions of societal classes, Margaret Atwood covered everything in a very sad and satirical way. 

This was my first Margaret Atwood book and I'll confess that her writing style did confuse me a bit when the first person narrator of the book goes to and from past and present situations, reminiscing her dreams and distant memories in between. 

Loved this book though I have a bitter aftertaste, because of the disturbing events that take place. But yeah, a worthy read. I recommend it, but with a statutory trigger warning. 


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