Mini Book Review | Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Haaaaaaahhh! Finally I got the answers I was cribbing about in my last blog post. Needless to say, Mia is well and alive after she recovered in the last paragraph of the prequel. But the relationship between Mia and her boyfriend, Adam, grows apart. For 3 years Mia is away from Adam, for no known reason she leaves him. It's as if Mia becomes a ghost in his life. Mia leaves him without giving him any reason, without giving him any closure, without bidding him a last goodbye. But one day Adam and Mia cross each other's paths and this book being narrated by Adam, he ponders all along his encounter what could be the reason behind Mia's absence and in between chapters he reminisces his old times - before, after and with Mia.

Can I say I dislike the characters a little bit? I found them a bit, I guess, snobby? The story is deep, with ghosts from the past and secrets. But Mia and Adam? I wouldn't want to face someone like them in my real life. It's best kept fictional.

What I really loved about the book is its passion. The passion with which Adam loves Mia and music. The passion behind Adam's broken heart and his search for answers. I could almost feel Adam's heartbreak within me. I could feel Mia's absence. So kudos to Gayle Forman for writing the book filled with such emotions and passion.

I definitely liked this book more than the previous one. Because I got my answers, my reader's closures. Whatever it may be, I'm glad I read this book. The love in the book is almost electric. It makes my heart filled with sadness and pleasure. It's like a lover's sad and angsty love song. 


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