Hosting #springcleaningreadathon

It's APRIL! Wooohooooooo!

So I'm planning to participate in a self-imposed readathon that I have rightfully named as #springcleaningreadathon 

The main ain objective of this readathon is to NOT BUY ANY books in April and May (lemme extend it to summer as well for my own benefit and my pockets) and read off the unread books that are already there sitting on my shelves, collecting dust. 

Anyone interested in joining this? Because this is gonna be extremely beneficial in taking care of that book buying ban you were intending to commit to. 

There's no rules or regulations or prerequisites for joining this readathon, just make sure you don't end up buying a new book because this readathon is all about taking care of the books on your shelves. Also, you can drop the readathon anytime you want, because well, I know those book buying urges are really strong. *wink wink*

Let's just click pictures of the books on our shelves and keep updating about the books you are going to read or have finished reading, and tick off that huge TBR. 

Head over to my Instagram account @bookgirl_sulagna to keep a track of my reads.

Every time you post, use the hashtag #springcleaningreadathon so that our fellow book bloggers see what you are up to! 

Soooo.... Let's keep slaying our shelves! 


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