How do you retrieve and sign in to your blogger account


From April, 2019, Google is closing Google+. So if your blog was linked with your Google+ account you won't be able to sign in. It redirects to the main sign in page every time you try to open it.

This happened to me this morning but thankfully I was able to retrieve my blogger account. And you can do it too!

Steps to retrieve your blogger account:

1. Go to your phone's/device's settings

2. Open 'Google'

3. Open 'Google Account'. You can find this at the top.

4. Then open 'Data and Personalisation'

5. Scroll down and you can see your linked pages/apps at 'Things you create and do'. Tap/click on 'Go to Google dashboard' to view all your linked accounts.

6. Scroll down to see 'Your Google Services'. You can see 'blogger' there. 

7. Tap on the small arrow on the left.

8. Click on the 3 dots and then click on 'Bloggers settings'

9. A blog page will open where you will have to verify your blog page name.

10. And it's done! You can easily open you blog now from using your blogger account and not your Google+ account. 

I hope this helped! Happy Blogging! 😊


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