Mini Book Review | Light On Snow by Anita Shreve

Ever read a book with an extremely plain story but has managed to touch your core? Anita Shreve's 'Light On Snow' is one such book. I want to give this book all those adjectives with the prefix 'heart' because it rightfully deserves so.

A beautiful story about a father and his daughter, Robert and Nicky Dillon, who discovers an abandoned newborn wrapped in bundles amidst a snow covered woods. The story lays out Nicky and Robert's relationship with each other, their tragedic life and their life after they find the newborn.

I don't want to give away much about this book because I want you readers to discover the slow twists yourself. They are, tragedic, but adds such gravity to the story. 

This book is pure, written with the utmost care and love. The human emotions in the book touches your soul. I'm still amazed how such a simple story manages to deliver this much. From Nicky's past, when her mother and sister dies, to her projection of trauma when his father unable to cope up with his grief decides to leave New York and live in the woods in solace, to Nicky's belief that the newborn is meant to her dead sister's replacement, the author beautifully sketches Nicky as a person who grows to believe that there is hope, that there still can be a light in her life. 

I can't recommend this book enough and just like the title 'Light On Snow' I found this book in a pile of second hand novels in a books-by-weight sale. This book is my light on snow. 


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