Book review | Growing Up by Ruhee Advani

Author: Ruhee Advani

No. of pages: 99

Genre: Poetry

Published on: 1st January 2018

Published by:

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Growing Up is a collection of poems that the author wrote during her growing years, her years of adolescence. As such they reflect all the agony and ecstasy of growing up. The pain and pleasure, joy and confusion, light and darkness of the teenage years are beautifully and poignantly expressed in this collection of poetry that will find resonance with everyone who has found growing up just a little bit difficult at times.

Growing Up by Ruhee Advani is a collection of poems penned by the author at different stages of her life. The 74 poems are divided into two age groups - thirteen to fifteen and sixteen to eighteen years, depicting the age of the author when she had written down her poems. As the poems progresses, it reflects the author's mental set, through her poems, about her age specific thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

Like the poems on the first half clearly mirrors the author's self-doubt, about her dreams and her ongoing conflicts regarding her teenage dreams. One poem has been dedicated to her mother and a few to nature. Similarly, the poems in the second half of the book talks about topics more mature, like, love and relationships and introspecting about worldly concepts.

I found this book of poetry very relatable. While reading some of the poems I remembered questioning things that were akin to my own thoughts. The book's title accurately describe the poems' contents. It's all about growing up, all the things we think and question, the eagerness to know things, the painful and hard-hitting realizations we face while growing up.

I have quite a number of personal favourites in the book, but the most notable ones are 'it's okay' and 'maybe'. Some of the poems are in the form of couplets while some are a page long, but each of them are pleasant in their own way. Some are sweet, some are bitter, some are about lost friendships and some are about new relationships, but as a whole, the poems are utterly endearing and soul touching. 

Ruhee Advani is a gifted and prolific writer, and her talent was recognized when she published her first set of poems at the age of fourteen. Her collection of short stories for children, written at the age of eight, has now been published as Girls and Boys, in the year 2018. Her other books include Finding Utopia, A Play, and Strangers in the Night, a work of fiction.

She still has a large volume of unpublished literature, including a play, sixteen fully completed novels and a multitude of poems that she has been compiling since she first learned how to write. She currently has another close to sixty stories in the works.

I received the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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