Book review | Seasons by Priyam Acharya

Author: Priyam Acharya 

Genre: Poetry 

No. of pages: 178

Published on: 1st January 2019 

Published by: Notion Press 

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★★★

“Seasons” is an eclectic blend of works that would engage the seeker, the thinker, the die-hard romantic, the wanderer, the dreamer, the optimist, the sceptic, the artist, the closet philosopher and of course the poetry lover – there’s something for each of these! ‘The Silk Sari’ is about self-discovery, ‘Glass Shields Glass’ talks about a beautiful yet complicated relationship, ‘Barcelona’ poignantly describes the magnificence of the incomplete Basilica with a deeper view how often the imperfection is sweeter than perfection, ‘The Doodle’ reminisces a love from the past, ‘Varanasi’ is a reflective piece on spirituality. Sit back and embark upon a soul-searching journey, with your copy of ‘Seasons’.

Seasons has a collection of poems written by Priyam Acharya that brings out the essence of love, relationship, peace and the about life and the universe. I loved how Love is being compared to a mirror, woollen thread, even an illness; Break up with shattered glass, Metaphorical. And not just love and relationship, the poems explore life experiences, self-doubt, existential questions and about companionship. Some poems questions the existence of God or an almighty force. The poems are essentially the author's thoughts and reflections. I also loved how the poems made butterflies flutter in my stomach. The poems are something so private, cozy and relatable. Makes oneself reminisce their relationships, how they felt when they first fell in love - relationship like the seasons itself, where spring is the blossom of new love, summer the highs of love, autumn is the falling out of love and winter the emptiness one feels when there is a loss of loved ones.

I quite fell in love with some of the poems. The poem 'Eloquence' talks about how sometimes written expression conveys more than verbal expressions of love; 'The Beauty of Randomness' expresses finding beauty in every little things that we would otherwise ignore; 'The Sweater' is a beautiful poem which draws similarities between trying to forget someone with the pulling a thread out of a knitted sweater, and this poem really touched my heart; the poem 'Keep Looking at Me' talks about stolen glances; 'Being in Love with You' gives a poetic representation of the love cycle; while 'Awkward Silences' celebrates the love exchanged during periods of awkward silences during a conversation with a lover. 

Sit with this book on some idyllic day and enjoy the poems. This is one poetry book that I'll highly recommend.

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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