Mini Book Review | Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

A story for nerds and about nerds. Jen Wilde's Queens of Geek is a story of two couples, who set aside their insecurities and weirdness and fall in love. Charlie and Taylor are best friends visiting SupaCon with their another best Jamie, and while Charlie is a famous vlogger/actor, Taylor is a geeky socially anxious girl who just wants to meet her favourite author at the Con. Being a famous actor, it's difficult for Charlie to get out of a bad relationship with her co-actor Ryan because the fans ship them hard. But when she meets Alyssa, Charlie's inspiration and another actor, she falls head over heels in love with Alyssa. Meanwhile, unable to meet her favourite author, Jamie consoles a dejected Taylor. And while doing so, Taylor and Jamie's unrequited feelings for each other starts bubbling to the surface again.

This sweet, simple and geeky story brings out the value of self-love, self-esteem, self-worth and self-acceptance. Taylor's severe social anxiety, her panic attacks and how she seeks her solace in the internet, her fandom, and how fandom culture helps her overcome her insecurities is a hard-hitting reflection of how we geeks or nerds actually are. This book also portrays how shipping culture is toxic when we ship real people and how it affects their mental peace. Charlie's 'fuck the fans' ship because I wanna be happy with whoever I wanna be with' attitude is a necessity. And a very important part of the story is Charlie, Taylor and Jamie's close-knitted friendship, how they help each other overcome their worries even when they have their own worries to tackle.

I loved how this plot stretches over just 3 days of SupaCon festival and how just 3 days can change your life forever. From a stranger becoming your biggest saviour to internet-bullying of fans and critics, the book is a moderately fun-filled journey.

I wouldn't strongly recommend this book, but I'll definitely recommend this book because this is a highly relatable book. At least, it was for me. An easy breezy read, this book is your book if you want to read a LGBTQ romcom as an appetizer. 


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