Book review | Spider-Man: Forever Young by Stefan Petrucha

Author: Stefan Petrucha 

Genre: Action 

No. of pages: 354

Published by: Titan Books 

Published on: 25th June 2019

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★★☆

Peter Parker goes looking for trouble-and finds it in the form of a mysterious, mythical stone tablet coveted by the kingpin and the maggio! Caught in the crosshairs of new York's most nefarious villains, Peter also runs afoul of his friends-and the police! And the past comes back to haunt him years later when the Maggio's assumed-dead leader resurfaces, still in pursuit of the troublesome tablet!.

Spider-Man: Forever Young by Stefan Petrucha is the novelization of the 1963 The Amazing Spider-Man comic - Stone Tablet Saga. The book traces the story of our favourite friendly neighbour, Spider-Man, fighting two crime organizations that have their eyes over an ancient Egyptian Stone Tablet that is said to contain the secrets to attain immortality. 

I want to give a disclaimer before I start my review. Read this book only if you are a Peter Parker aka Spider-Man Comics nerd or, if you have read this specific Stone Tablet Saga comic or, even if you are very much into Spider-Man. I read this book without having any knowledge about Spider-Man's initially struggling college days and his relationship with his first girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. For the first few pages I was even confused about the two criminals mentioned in the book - the Maggia and the Kingpin. A decently brief research cleared everything up for me.

One specific word that I want to use about this book is - 'cool'. It was really 'cool' reading this book. Spider-Man's witty comebacks and his no-care-in-the-the-world attitude a few of the times when he staged surprise attacks on his opponents, adds spice to the story. Spider-Man is known to be crazy and the hyper college kid who's always on the run to save the city; and this novelization accurately shows us this side. 

The book is divided into two parts: Youth and Adulthood. The first part is where the fight over the stone tablet starts. While the first part acknowledges 'youth' and Peter Parker's life as a carefree college kid and his relationship with his friends Harry Orbourne, Mary Jane and his first girlfriend, Gwen Stacy; the second part delves with the darker period in Peter Parker's life - after the death of Gwen and his dwindling relationships with his friends and Aunt May. 

The only drawback for me were the unnecessarily multiple action scenes. I would like the book better if the action scenes were not dragged. I don't know whether the comic had such long action scenes and Stefan Petrucha was just doing his job, but the action scenes became a bit too much for me. 

The book has been written in a very descriptive manner. Stefan Petrucha's imagery descriptions are top-notch. It made reading the book a pleasant and fun-filled experience. The witty dialogues and the chirpiness of Peter Parker was pretty evident through Stefan Petrucha's writing. In fact, all the characters' dialogues and actions made it all the more easier for me to understand them better. 

I would definitely recommend this book to all the Marvel nerds who are into reading and anyone who is looking for an action-packed light read. 

I was given a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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